Friday, April 13, 2012

The fear of God.

I wrote the title...and got a lump in my throat and my eyes filled up...

This has been on my heart a lot lately.

Today as we were driving to Spokane for Azlan's pre-op appointment and the kids were all enjoying a movie in the new van (with headphones!) and we listed to pastor James MacDonald. Probably from his third or fourth sentence I had chills. The message was on the fear of God.

He spent time going into detail of the two extreme ways Christianity has gone. One swinging far legalistically so much so that we view God as unapproachable and far-off. One swinging far that God is one of us and we approach Him in a "hey yo...what's up" manner.

Both are off.

He jumped into Isaiah.

It's been on my heart for the last few months...the fear of God. Sometimes we say "oh it's reverential fear...not fear".

According to was I-Cannot-view-his-face-or-I-will-die--fear.

His holiness. I'm so unworthy.

Dean and I have been talking a lot lately about big decisions in our life being made in light of our fear of God. The fact that one day we will stand...alone...and give an account of our life to God... fear.

Have you ever heard "live with the end in mind?" ...

It changes everything.

And this same God...that Isaiah could not look upon....

... SO loved the world...that He gave...His only that whoever believes in Him...will not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16).

This same God...

adopted me into His family through Jesus...because of His sacrifice...

and I can call Him "Abba"..."Daddy".

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  1. Mind blowing, isn't it? If I had a deeper grasp of this reality, I know my life would be different? It'd have to be!