Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A great family day!

We were on our way to Spokane shortly after 11am this morning. We made it just in Walker-time for Zunduka's appt with the urologist (yes never a dull moment here :). To keep it brief for my boy's sake...he has undescended testicles. Relatively common in baby boys. Today we found out from the urologist that it is operated on between 6m and 1year of age. Zunduka is almost 8 years old. He said we do run the risk that they are too small or have anomalies and will need to be removed simply from being inside the body for 8 years. That would mean infertility and that would break my heart. Surgery is scheduled for Zunduka for July 11.

We then took the family to Krispy Kreme's fun to see donuts made and pick your favorite and savor every bite!

We arrived at the hotel~and were delivered a HUGE basket to our door of every delicious treat imaginable (reason #525 I love working for the company that I do...!~) and we all got ready and went swimming. I sat in the hot tub with Izrael and Azahria (both dangling their legs in) and the older kids went swimming with Dean. They had a blast!

We are now back in the hotel room(S) ... yes.... a family of 9 needs 2 rooms... this is getting expensive...and Dean is gone out to pick up pizza as the kids watch Happy Feet 2 on tv :)

We are just a parking lot away from the hospital where Azlan and I will walk to at 5:15am. Unearthly hour :) I will post an update when I can.

Thank you for following our journey through this wonderful life of ours!

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