Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missed Opportunity...?

Friday night the kids suggested a "sleep over". I have to say I love this age when that is defined as "can we all sleep in your room?"!! :)

We have a very large master bedroom with a full u-shaped sectional couch in our room.  Sure.  So they all piled in with their pillows and blankets and bunked out on the couch...some on the rug.

I was shocked to see Chazano and Zunduka were asleep within minutes.

 They simply take forever to fall asleep.  Chazano especially...has serious fear issues.  Like not just normal "I'm afraid of the dark" issues...but deep fear. We don't take it lightly. We know they've been exposed to "the dark side" and even have the marks of witchcraft on their bodies to prove it.  We pray over them often regarding that.  Sometimes Chazano will just shake with fear...even though he sleeps in a room with his 3 other brothers.

Well...Friday night he was asleep within minutes.  Saturday night he came up and said "ummm Mom...can we have another. .. you know what...?" :) I had no idea what he was talking about and then he said "sleepover....menemb...er...? :)  So. We could fit in a one-room house according to the last 3 nights!! Azlan adores Tirzah and he's been sleeping with her in her room...and the rest have been on our couch.  Chazano said "I sleep so good in your room, Mommy!":)

Did we miss that? I think we did. We thought we were doing the best thing, given their age and the fact they were sleeping with their brothers (not alone)...but I think we missed an opportunity.  An opportunity to make them feel safe, secure and reduce the extreme fears they have.  We've decided if they are on our couch for a year...and grown and thrive feeling secure...then it's worth it.

We had already planned on Zihao and Taizi sleeping in our room with us for the first year. We've learned some things along the way in this journey.

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