Monday, April 30, 2012

Our weekend.

We celebrated Azahria's birthday on Saturday.  She's such a mini-me it's actually crazy!

She wanted a Cat in the Hat party with a few of her little friends. Josie (who turns 4 in May) and Jenny's beautiful girls (age 3 and 4) came to celebrate with her.

This I-don't-like-baking Mama made Cat in the Hat cake pops and had one happy little girl :)

Beautiful little Azahria Peace

She LOVED her Dr Seuss hat!

Well ... they are boys :)

Tirzah !

Azahria and he little friend Eden


Her cake that Mama made her!

So cute. She was too shy to do her pinata but after seeing everyone else do it, she was in!

laughing at the other kids hitting the pinata!

Go Azahria!


Little boo slept through the whole party :)

Love her!

Azahria's gift from Mama and Daddy was a wagon! Oh my goodness...the HOURS they have played with this all weekend! It's been a car, a moving store, an ice cream name it! Izrael LOVES it!

Ok so this is a picture of me and my sisters! Little Janice is on the left...see Azahria?? :)

On Friday it poured in the morning.  Zion disappeared for a while and came to me all red eyed. He said "I was in the garage. Crying.  I had a good talk with God." I said "what's the matter...?" He looked at me all puppy-eyed and said " was raining, right? and I looked outside to see my God's little Warrior Bible in the rain....I ran and got it but it's ruined.  I went to the garage where it was quiet (he's seen me do that a few times haha) and talked to God. I told him that I know there's a lot of children in the world with very sad things in their lives right now. Like kids that have no mommy and daddy...or kids maybe that just found out they have cancer. that have no food and no house like Chazano and Zunduka in the village....I told God that I know my problem is small but my heart is just broke over my Bible.  I just needed to tell Him how sorry I am for not taking care of it".  

That boy...there's something special about him.  I often think of the verse that really concreted our name choice for him. Zion Courage.  "Out of Zion...the perfection of beauty...God shines forth".  There's something special about Zion.

Last night was wonderful. The weather was amazing and we loaded up the family and wagon in the van and went to DQ for a box of dilly bars (yah...1 box feeds 6 kids! ;)...and went down to the river.  We walked along the river for a while first then went to the kids' favorite playground. They had so much fun.  Everytime one of our kids would walk by us, Izrael would light up and say "hiiiii!!!". Cutest thing ever!  

Oh, speaking of little Miss Izrael. She says a lot of words.  She says "chickee" (we have chicks). "Dada" "HI!" "Azlan"  "thank you" "all gone" "all clean" (when you change her diaper ;) and more.. But will she say 'mama' ...?? No. Sir.  


To last night.  Ah.  Last night after our fun time at the play ground we cut up a watermelon. Well..that was a first...our family consumes 1 whole watermelon for a bedtime snack. haha. :)

Then it was bed time. I put the kids to bed as Dean fed Izrael.  "Bed" meaning our couch :)  I prayed with them all and lights out.  Not another peep.

At some point in the night, I woke to the most terrified scream I have ever heard from one of our children...ever.  One of the twins...I could not tell which one...was screaming "ZION!!!!!" at the top of his lungs in  I jumped out of bed and ran to Chazano who was snoring.  I sat back on the bed. The scream had already happened 3 times.  I was waiting to see what was going on. Then all of a sudden (I just got goosebumps typing this...) Zunduka sat up and SCREAMED "a hand...a hand...MOMMY I want to sleep with yoU!!!!!!!!" in the most piercing shrill I have heard in my life.  I GRABBED him and did the only thing I knew to do in that moment and just started praying out loud.  I prayed for God to send angels into our room right then and there and for peace. I was shaking and Zunduka is gripping my arm SO tight and just in terror.  He kept saying "the hand the hand...I can see a hand". I brought him to our bed where we tucked him in between us. Zion came too as surprisingly he was the only one that woke.  Zunduka laid in between Dean and I (a first .. he's never come to our bed before) and the child was shaking.  I heard Dean 2 different times sit up and pray very authoritatively over Zunduka.  All of a sudden he sat up and said "there it is...the hand" and his heart rate went through the roof. Now Dean and I are sitting again and just instantly praying.  This was not a nightmare...this child was seeing something.  

Dean literally wrapped his arms around him in a hug and tucked him in assuring him nothing could get him. He said his heart rate was so fast and just pounding.  I think Zunduka went to sleep before I did.  I could feel a presence in the room.  I sat up again and let it be known that this was God's house and nothing was welcomed here.  I even said I know that Zunduka was exposed to witchcraft in the past but now he's under our authority and that's over.  

As I laid and tried to sleep...I remembered about 3-4 months ago Zunduka told me in the morning that he was laying in his bed and saw a hand. Just one. Not attached to anything come towards him.  He was terrified. I asked if he was asleep and dreaming he said "oh no..I was laying in my bed praying to God to save me from whatever this was" he said it then touched his face then disappeared. I remember praying over him right then and there.  Now this.  

Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

I thought of my friend Gwen's blog post about their adopted child in South Africa recently.  Take a minute to read it:

I have to say, as I finally drifted off to sleep last night it was with tears in my eyes. My heart was broken for the torment my little boy was going through.  And it was a reminder of God's full plan for these children.  Not just a home, a family, clothing, food and the basic provisions of life. It was so much more. To know of Jesus and how He once and for all paid for their sins on the cross. How He alone is the answer to forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  For freedom in every way.

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  1. Oh Janice. I am praying for Zunduka. For Chazano. Oh Sovereign God - FREE THEM and SAVE THEM from the enemy's clutch. Cover them in Your peace. Protect them please. I ask this for the whole family. In Jesus' name and for Your glory - Amen.