Sunday, April 22, 2012

Process update

We heard from Lifeline that our dossier authentication process is almost complete. We should hear this week that it will be sent to China!  Then the big countdown begins!

We received a phone call from Lifesong For Orphans this past week as well.  Those of you who followed us through Africa may remember they were so instrumental in helping us fundraise for our African adoption.  They stepped out on a limb with us and bent the rules of "only working with adoptions through accredited agencies" and after hearing our story how God called us to specifically adopt Chazano and Zunduka independently...they teamed up with us and offered us a generous matching grant of $3000.  They said they will notify us in about 2 weeks with a "yes or no" on another matching grant.  What this is ... is a way for people to donate...and get a full tax deductible receipt for their donation ... and they match up to a certain amount at 100%. So last time if we raised $3000 they gave an additional $3000 to our adoption.  So wonderful!

We are praying we do receive this grant~as well as some of the many others we have applied for.

Our weekend has been amazing. The weather ... bliss.  Azlan's recovery...wonderful.  Having non stop family time....perfect.

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