Friday, April 20, 2012

Surgery update

I woke Azlan at 5:00 Thursday morning, quickly got him dressed and kissed Daddy bye and we were off.  At least it was light November it was pitch dark and I was...spooked. :)  For real.

I grabbed a coffee in the hotel lobby, we drove across to the hospital and checked in.  All staff were exactly the same staff as we had in November except for recovery. How funny is that :)

Azlan was totally fine.  The doctors had him practice breathing into the mask to show me how it was done.  He promised he would not fall asleep ;)  He drove his little car into the O.R. I watched him get out and they helped him up on the stretcher.

With a lump in my throat...I walked away.  Knowing he was never out of God's sight or protection...though out of mine.  

I went back to the hotel and helped dress the other 6 kids and we went down for our hot breakfast.  After everyone was settled I went back to the hospital and waited in the surgery waiting room.  About 30 minutes later, Dr. Husein opened the door. He was beaming! He said everything went amazingly well and the screw was totally set into the skull which is obviously what they want to see.  He thought overall things went really well and he led me to recovery.

Always an emotional moment when you see your baby wrapped up in tons of gauze and on oxygen post-op.  The two nurses were wonderful.  They made my day and after they realized I was Azlan's mom and not his older sister (ha!)...they asked if it was difficult having a baby with special needs as a teenage mom. Okkkk...:)  They were quite shocked to find out I was not only married and 25 when Azlan was born but we have 7 children...5 of which are biological.  :)  We talked for over an hour and both women were entranced with our story.

Azlan took a while to wake and definitely a while to get off oxygen. We would take the mask off and 10 minutes later his O2 was down to 88 and 89.  So back the mask would go. We did this 3 times. Finally they ok'ed us to move down to the floor and he was still completely out of it.

Whenever I did get him to talk...without even opening his eyes...he'd mumble "food...pumpkin pie..." ;)  Finally he woke enough to order some food and his request was "banana, juice, pancakes and pie".  :)  He ate the banana...drank TONS of liquids...and had 2 bites of pancakes. He was full.  He had to go potty a while later so I took him and got him dressed (he's like his soon as he can get out of the hospital garb...he's there!).  He went back to bed and watched a show for a bit. The nurse was gone to get a wheelchair b/c it was discharge time and he wanted to go potty again.  I was just helping him wash his hands when I looked at him to see him totally choking.  I bend down and say "Azlan...take a deep breath...." and he projectile vomits like I had never seen.  I'm trying to quickly get this heavily bandaged...just operated on...head facing into the direction (at least!) of the potty...and uh.....

:)  Poor boy!  The nurse came back as he was all done...laughing at me as I went back to clean the bathroom and the floor. Never even thought that was someone else's job...I'm the Mama...that's what I do... ;)

We stopped on the way out in the gift shop where Azlan spotted the giant giraffe to his TY giraffe family.  He was so excited.  $25 later...we were out the door with my little trooper holding my hand walking into the parking lot.  How crazy is that?

He did amazingly well the whole way home...even put his headphones on top of his head of bandages (cranked in volume) and said he had no pain at all the whole way.

He slept perfectly last night. We were told to cut the bandage away Sunday morning and there would be a "pad and plastic plug" that likely would stay on for a few weeks would would be fine.

Tonight he definitely had pain and what appeared to be itchiness at the site.  He went to bed and later got up and the entire bandage was turned and covering one side of his face. ....

We looked at it and decided we needed to cut it off. As we are unwinding it we see all this padding and "plastic plug" at the very back of his head. Great.  Nothing was covering the site at all.  This is only 1 day post op.  So we put antibiotic ointment around the abutment (Mama with a weak tingling feeling) and re~bandaged him in a head band format.  He's sound asleep.

Here's a few photos of the surgery as well as the actual site tonight.

The day before surgery we did lots of fun family was cold and rainy but the kids loved this park:

Out of order..but here we are at Azlan's pre-op last week. Azlan looks JUST like his daddy and this is the only pic I have seen where we look alike ;)

The kids all in Krispy Kreme :)  
Tirzah 8, Azlan 5, Zion 6, Chazano 7, Azahria 4, Zunduka 7

 It's about 5:30am, we are checked in for surgery and the nurse offered to take a picture

Azlan's car all ready to go into surgery...with Bear in the back seat

My first sight of my Precious :(

Azlan all ready to go home with his giant Giraffe in tow! ;)

Here he is tonight.  There is much-larger-than-I-pictured metal knob sticking out of his head...eeeeeeeeeeee....this is where the Baha processor will snap into.

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