Thursday, May 31, 2012

The act of remembering.

Memorial day.  This year as we drove through the cemetery we told the kids to imagine that each American flag was a soldier who died.
 Each one was someone's son.
Somebody's brother.
Somebody's husband.
 Somebody's Daddy.
Each flag...a soldier.
Each soldier...a sacrifice.
Memorial Day.
Never forget.
Choose to remember.

We were invited to our friends house for the day. It was finally a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. I love how Izrael is the most scheduled baby and yet if we mess up her schedule she rolls with it.  She completely missed her 3 hour afternoon nap and she was the happiest baby ever.  

 Tirzah was beyond excited. In fact the day before she came to me and said "mommy...I heard daddy say the best thing ever to me ... in fact it was so amazing...I'm scared I dreamed it!...Are we really going to our friends house tomorrow?" :)  She LOVES this little friend. I'd write her name but I don't want to misspell it :)

What a bliss little Izrael was all day. She LOVES the swing. On my lap, in the baby swing...she doesn't care...she loves it.  I will say "Izrael want to swing with mama?" and she'll come toward me and say "weeeee":) Loves to swing.

Azlan...who just so happens to LOVE Angry Birds ;)

Azahria Peace.  Beautiful baby girl.

So around dinner time, a huge bbq and potluck meal was served.  Tirzah asked to eat with a few of her friends.  Much later...we sat with a few friends and enjoyed dessert. One of the couples intro'd themselves to us as a Pastor and his wife. He asked if Tirzah was our daughter.  What he told us was the cutest thing ever. He said while eating dinner, Tirzah was at his table. A full table, mostly adults.  Just as everyone was digging in, Tirzah said "is anyone going to pray before we eat?" He said he looked at her and said "well, you are right. Someone SHOULD pray". She said "I will". Trying to save her out of a very awkward situation he said "I can pray if you like" she said "oh no, I'll pray" :)  He said she got up and prayed and went into detail about how there are so many orphans in the world needing a forever family and safety.  She prayed for Taizi, Zihao and sat down.  He said he was blown away but this sweet 8 year old girl who had no hesitation to pray in front of all these adults. It was pretty precious.

We had a wonderful day even though all of the small chat was extremely out of my comfort zone ;) We had a great time and love the friendship with this wonderful family. The same family that has offered to care for our 7 children when we go to China. 


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