Monday, May 7, 2012

And I am so grateful for "it"...!

So we woke this morning- well I woke. We woke Azlan at 8:35:). A team of ENTs were standing over his bed talking in full volume... I guess tere are some perks to deafness...;) The looked at his infection and stated the head ENT would be back later. They all came in and I was beyond thankful that the doctor was acting as if we have never met:). Yah it wasn't my favorite moment when he mocked me...and my "gut feeling" that something was really really off with his hearing. I was right, though. He stated how he was leaning towards thinking his infection was MRSA. He said there were several plans of action to consider but that we had a choice. If we wanted our ENT to work with him..he would discharge him to drive directly to Spokane. Or we could stay and have some options in Seattle. He said "you were 100% correct in coming in-- you don't mess with this and honestly I've never seen an infection with the BAHA. ". We opted to go to Spokane. 5 hours driving later--dean had cleaned te entire house where we stayed--even washed all the bedding!!--we were in Spokane. In fact Dr Husseins office closed at 5....we arrived at 5:05:). Ahhhh. That was interesting. Let's just say this - he disagreed with about 90% of what the head ENT in sette said. Yes...lovely. Nothing like feeling totally confused. Seattle: bandage at all times! Spokane: get that bandge off, you are slowing healing!! Seattle: if you stay we do surgery and clean wound. Spokane: what?! What?! Surgery??? Are you sure that's what he said?? Yes it just kept going. So my ENT is great. He's passive and quiet though. Yes...though. I like a very proactive, authoritative approach in medical care. So I had to say"I'm a realist. Let's talk straight. This is getting worse after ring slammed with the big guns in Seattle. What's your plan? Why is the infection still raging? What if it fails to respond? Lay out the plan. If it doesn't work...then what will you do?". Yah I think I annoyed him. However he laid it out. That's me. I need to know and accept it up front and deal with it head on. So the plan. He thinks it's MRSA. He was frustrated that Seattle said the culture didn't grow anything because he says MRSA takes 5 days to grown in a petri dish. It had been 30 hours. He laid out why he thinks that. Azlan had surgery ten went on oral antibiotic for 10 days. On day 10 infection started. He sas it takes about 10 days for MRSA to show post surgery. It makes sense bc the antibiotics he was on do not treat MRSA. Te skin has a huge hoe because the infection just kept destroying the skin as it spread. He sees no sign of bone infection. He said the original implant is rock solid. He thinks we may be able to keep the second implant as long as we stop this infection. He admitted him for IV and wound care and booked the OR in the morning for a central line to be put into his arm so we can go home on IV antibiotics-doubled up. Our room is small and cold in many ways. But the nurses are super warm and loving. IV was horrible but it was one try and in. Azlan screamed but never moved. Moments after his chocolate milk he was snoring. Poor boy. The nurse just came in and said his procedure is for noon and he can't eat or drink 6 hours before. Wonderful:). Ok- dean is in a hotel with 6 kids and all are sleeping soundly. I was able to run in and shower and bathe azahria and Izrael before we came in. That shower--bliss. I'm once again sleeping in dress clothes. I never wear sweats but I just might spend my first 24 hours at home in them :). From our cold, dingy room in Spokane tonight...goodnight friends. Thank you for praying. I'll end with this. My audiologist friend texted me this tonight: "I think you did a heck of a job getting to the point you are now, frankly. This could have gone in an entirely different direction had you not paid attention to your gut. The doctor is lucky you are the parent! I sure would love to see the abutment stay after all this but most important thing is to kill that infection!!" So--that thing that I never know what to call---was right again for Azlan. Dean said tonight:" just so you know I didn't think it was serious but the moment you said you couldn't shake the feeling that something seriously was wrong-I was very concerned". Moms--trust it. It's God-given. There's the update

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  1. Hi Walkers! Just want you to know that we've been following Azlan's updates and praying for you all. Perhaps Azlan will want to know that Hope and Hannah are praying for him too. You are an amazing mom!