Monday, May 14, 2012

Azlan update

Azlan is doing really well. We are doing really well. This whole IV thing has brought me to tears several times but thank God for a good friend that lives just a few miles away (just so happened to deliver 4 of our babies...) that's a nurse! I've called on her a few times :) Now that I know how to 'prime the line' and do this all without feeling the overwhelming need for 12 hands instead of 2...we are doing gooooood :)

Yesterday his wound was bleeding. Ahhhh. Just when I think it's does something weird.

People are writing me asking about the surgery and if it needs to be reversed. The plan is no...we are taking an aggressive approach to this infection to heal it quickly and save the implant. So far, so good.

I'm going out of town from Wednesday to Sunday ... yes and leaving my child with a PICC line in. :( But Dean will be here 100% of the time (no babysitter) and he's been doing the IV's taking turns with me.

I'm so torn on Azlan's hair. I keep his hair super short and we are trying to grow it out. He has amazing hair. It's soft and just awesome to cut and to 'do'.  (Zion's is stiff and really hard to work with, funny how different they are).  But I'm soooo tempted to cut it. I'm hating this in-between stage it's in right now.  I cut it Saturday but just trimmed it and it's looking super cute. If anyone can pull of a long shaggy beach boy's Azlan. Dean asked me to let it grow a bit more before throwing in the towel on it :)  He has a very mis-shapen head (emotional subject b/c I wish I had stuck to my gut when he was a baby and went for the helmet :(...and this will help conceal his new 'ear' (baha).  We'll see how long it lasts.

We are going to jump in and learn sign.  It just may be the missing link to his speech.

Regarding adoption...pray with us that we get our LOA quickly so we can choose a Oct / Nov travel date.


  1. Glad to hear Azlan is doing better! While you may need some hard-core signing classes, the Signing Time DVDs are really fun and the whole family could enjoy them and learn some practical signs too. Mid-Columbia library has a bunch of them, or you could borrow the handful that we have if you'd like.