Thursday, May 24, 2012

Changing the Game

Azlan is doing exceptionally well. I had to leave town for 5 days and Dean was doing IV meds and wound care. At one point he texted me a picture of Azlan's head and I couldn't believe the difference. The skin was so clean and clear and the 'hole' was filled in a lot!  Yes, my husband is awesome to stay with the kids solo for 5 days!

Our home health nurse came yesterday and removed the PICC line. I watched the process as long as I could but stomach was flipping :)  Our nurse was amazing. She let Azlan remove all of the dressing and he never cried once. The moment we would try he would scream in pain.  How many nurses would take the extra time to let a 5 year old remove an enormous amount of rediculously sticky tape so that it didn't hurt as much...? We loved her!  She told us yesterday she was so excited that we were on her schedule that her boss said "didn't you just meet this family?" she said "yes but I love them!" :) She kept commenting how our home feels like you are stepping into this international place rich with culture.  I was laughing at her.  I got her number and we plan on meeting for coffee and staying in touch.  She begged us to invite her over when our babies come home from China.  :)

Zihao's birthday is May 29!  He turns 3 years old and we sent off the cutest birthday gift ever.  Jenny told me they have a big cake and celebration so I just sent the gift.  I can't wait to see the pictures of him with it.  You know you bought the right thing when the other 7 kids are wanting to rip it open and play with it :)  A few days after I sent it I received his personalized tee shirt in the mail. Totally forgot about it...rrrr. So mailed it separately. It's so cute. Says Zhong Hua and a big number 3 on it. :)

My friend Heather Brandt re-designed the blog for me and I love it! The hugest shout out and thank you to YOU, Heather!

We received word yesterday from Show Hope that we did not get a grant. My heart sank a bit...and when I looked at Dean he was smiling.  He said "don't let that bother know God is going to provide every single bit of it" and instantly the weird feeling was gone.  Peace.

We are now day TEN on waiting for our LOA :) Who's counting...? Honestly I just had to look it up because I refuse to let one day slip by let alone 60 or 100.  We are working hard and very focused on changing the game for our family before we ever step on that plane to China.  I have helped so many moms reach their goals in the last year~and this year we are going to help many more.  Four years ago with me as a stay at home mom and Dean as a contractor...we were inches away from bankruptcy.  We chose to change the game.  I worked around our kids' schedules and very quickly matched Dean's income with no daycare expenses.  We are very focused on doubling his income in the next 3-4 months allowing him to be home a lot more and our life to be a lot more flexible (which would be awesome having 9 young children, 3 of which with special needs).  Every good gift comes from above and we pause daily to thank God for bringing my friend Sandie into our life to not only give us hope 4 years ago...but to completely change the game for our family.

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  1. love the new blog look Janice! i'm so excited for you to be changing the game! i'm right along with you doing the same thing!