Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Azlan moment of the day.

All of our children are doing so well in school. Chazano and Zunduka are almost through their learning to read program which is amazing for where they have come from.  They have really struggled but are doing awesome. Zunduka LOVES school. He told me this morning that "school makes me feel so calm on the inside" :)

Azlan is the struggle for school. I've blogged about this before. The deafness combined with the severe cleft he had repaired...he has a few things against him in the speech department.  Reading is hard for him. I refuse to let him fall through the cracks.  He's not going to be 'pushed through' he is going to thrive.

Dean and I watched the movie Gifted Hands a few nights ago. It was so inspiring. I've read the book years ago, the movie was very well done.  When Dr. Carson's single mom said "you can do and be anything....ANYTHING" I could feel the passion and it was something I wanted to pass on to our children.  You can do anything. You may have to work harder, study more, and apply yourself more than other children your age...but you can be anything.  So this morning we talked about what we want to be in life.  Azlan said he'd like to be a doctor that helps children with cleft lips like him...and be a train engineer as well :)  So I told him he absolutely can be let's work harder today in school.

His project was to read words and then draw it in a box.  I almost started crying at the end..I was so shocked to see how he read and fully understood each word.  My friend Sandie who was a Kindergarten teacher said this was pretty impressive for any 5-6 year old. That was encouraging to hear since Azlan does have some pretty big hurdles to overcome...and...he wouldn't even be in Kinder yet in the public or private system b/c of a September birthday. So he's actually a year ahead.

Here's what he did today in school with NO help whatsoever.  When he read the would never know what he was saying. I was so excited to see him draw what it really said. beautiful little gift.

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  1. good for him! That kite picture is better than I could draw today :-)