Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We are home!

Late last evening, Dr Husein came in with "good news"! He said the culture from Seattle grew STREP so it was not MRSA! He has no idea why he got this infection when he was on oral and topical antibiotics to prevent it, but was so thankful we were dealing with this instead of MRSA.  So he switched our antibiotics again and cleared us to go home for 14 days on IV meds.  He took another look at the wound and again said how in doing 10-12 BAHA implants a year for 4 years, he's never seen one get infected.  He re-emphasized how huge it was that we went into the ER b/c this thing was raging and eating away at the skin around his implant.  It looks like we will be able to keep the implant in as long as the skin starts healing.

We were discharged from the hospital around 9:30pm and were home close to midnight.  So very very thankful that we caught this nasty infection and seem to have things under control.

For all of your concern, love, support...and most importantly ... prayers on our behalf...a humble thank you.

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