Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Always Good.


Do you ever find yourself falling into the trap of only singing God's praises (so to speak) when life is good...? You are so overwhelmed with His blessings on your life, how things are working out so perfectly...His total goodness...?

What is your immediate reaction when something unthinkable happens?

Do you instantly look up and say "What??" "WHY??!" "I can't trust You right now...I can't even pray..."

Always. Good.


When we believe that...everything changes. Every. Little. Thing.


By a deep rooted belief that He is always good.

He can't be otherwise.

It's simply who He is.

On Saturday a young missionary couple that lived and worked on the same mission station as my sister in law, Tanis, in Zambia Africa....were tragically killed.

If you look at the circumstances...you are left baffled.

He's a bush pilot.  A good one.

She's a mom of 2 precious baby girls.

This is her first flight with her husband in 3 months of living there (aside from a little circle around the area).

They drop a missionary and patient off at a nearby hospital while others on the mission station watch their little girls.  It's like a date! Some time alone with her husband.

On the way home...the plane is seen falling into the Zambezi River.

They were laid to rest in Zambia today.

Two little girls...left as orphans without their mommy and daddy.

Two committed young people...committed to follow God to the heart of Africa....are gone.  In the blink of an eye they were looking into the face of their Savior in Heaven...together.




You are always good.

It trumps everything. Every thought. Every question.

If He is always good then there are no questions.  It doesn't seem to take away the knot deep inside most of our stomachs as we hear the news. It doesn't take away the pain deep within the hearts of their fellow missionaries in Chitokoloki.

It does trump everything.  It removes all "what-if's".

Always Good.

When their family and fellow workers in Africa today...say "He is always good" they say it with tears and with broken hearts.

Dean had the first line of a song stuck in his head since hearing about this family on Saturday...
"I am not skilled to understand...
what God has willed...
what God has planned.."

Visit www.Chitokoloki.com and you can read about and see this precious family.

This is Chazano and Zunduka's homeland.

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