Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today was so beautiful. When Dean got home from work we ate outside in the yard...and then I set both Tirzah and Azahria up with a Mama-pedicure. It was pretty cute.  Of course they wanted "patterns" on their toes of random colors that didn't match with their nails :)  The most anticipated event was the bonfire. Even though we are doing them often they get so excited and I love it.  The fire and their excitement.

S'mores and more s'mores later we let them stay up 'late' and then tucked them all in. Dean was pretty tired as we sat out by the fire listening to Tenth Avenue North (my favorite...ever).  So I came in and just in typical Janice-fashion decided that tonight was the night for my biggest playroom project ever. :)

Three years ago this month I took a pencil one night and started drawing on our playroom wall. I had never drawn more than a stick man in my life but do come from an artistic family.  When I stood back and looked at the wall I couldn't believe I had just free-handed "a Findow in my Window" so while I had the 'talent' (who knew how long it would last! :) I painted it.  And that began the project. The toughest one was floor to ceiling...a juggling Cat in the Hat himself.  I love him.  :)  We now have the Sneetches, Fox in Sox, the Lorax...Thing 1 and Thing 2...and few other creatures.  But this one tonight is the one I was most nervous about...

The stack of turtles from Yertle.

I drew it about a month ago.

That's definitely a key part but painting it is when I'm nervous I maybe lost this strange spontaneous talent I haven't used for 3 years :)  Well it's done tonight :)

I sure hope the next people that buy this house have kids!!! :)

Here's a few pics of our sunny day :)

This swimsuit (sooo cute) is size fits her perfect!

Dean came home with Starbucks in hand (one of the many reasons I love him;)...Izrael stayed close by and held my straw most of the time...

So when I lifted my head she came right in for the straw. And...I let her ;) 

I love this pic. I'm loving her reaction which was a shudder and ... that was the last time she reached for the straw ;)

We love Zion as a photographer...he just keeps snapping pics until one turns out :)

And not only did I get a kiss...but on camera!!! Izray LOVES kissing the kids...but not Mama. Hmm. :)

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