Wednesday, June 13, 2012

James 1:27 project.

We are so excited and so humbled by this opportunity.  Both Hands, a non profit organization that is committed to helping orphans and widows.  Lifesong for Orphans also a non profit organization that helps bring orphans into their forever families by helping families raise funds to bring them home.

A local widow from our community.

Two orphan boys in China abandoned at birth.

What do they have to do with each other?


A local widow...37 year old Steffani.  Married to her husband Troy for 19 years.  Three precious children. Chris, 14, Sylas 10 and Taryn 8 years old.  Troy passed away in September 2011 from cancer leaving Steffani as a very young widow.

Dean played basketball with Troy and was heartbroken to hear of his passing.

Two little boys in China. Tai Fu'An (soon to be named Taizi).  Born with a severe cleft lip, palate and bilateral microtia...taken in by a local orphanage.

 Mao Zhong Hua (soon to be named Zihao). Born with a severe cleft lip and palate and what appears to be Hemifactial Microsomia (same as Azlan).  Also abandoned as a newborn baby boy and taken in by a local orphanage.  Needing a forever family to love and nurture them.

Steffani...needs work and help on her house.  When we visited her house we could tell how much her and her children love to be outside.  Large play structures, trampoline and firepit and lawnchair all out in the back yard.  The play structure is literally falling apart.  The concrete pad is completely full and over flowing with what they love to do as a family in the yard.  Their basketball hoop is broken.The sprinkler system isn't functioning so the grass and landscaping need help.  We want to see that yard become a place of solace for this family.  Where they can go after a busy day and enjoy being together.  A kitchen sink and faucet that need to be replaced.  Window treatments that no longer work and are falling apart.  A fence that would look brand new if it were stained/painted.

A family with 7 young children that were specifically called to step out in faith about the same time that Steffani became a widow.  September 2011.  Two more precious children.  The costs seem overwhelming.  $40,000-$43,000.

A local widow. Two orphans.  One project.  Serving both.

We are organizing a team of individuals that are excited to come and serve Steffani and her family for a day in August.  (August 4).  We will all give of our time and effort and energy to help repair her home to where she can enjoy it more with her young children.  Each team member will be asking to be sponsored by their friends and family.  Kind of like a walk-a-thon only in this project it's a work-a-thon! Your sponsorship helps us not only work on Steffani's home but 100% of the money raised go to bringing Zihao and Taizi home!

There are no admin costs. No expenses taken out whatsoever.  All donations will receive a tax deductible receipt.

AND Lifesong has awarded us with a $2500 matching grant! So they will match 100% of the donations up to $2500!!

How can you help?  Please consider sponsoring us to give one hand to Steffani and one hand to bring our babies home.

Click this link for details on how to make an instant Paypal donation or to mail a donation.

From the bottom of our hearts....thank you.  Thank you for caring for the widows and the orphans.

If you donate at least $20 please reply with your address so we can send you one of our adoption shirts! Tell me what size S, M, L, XL in women's and L or XL in Men's.

If you wish to mail a donation here is the information: (remember they will mail you a tax deductible receipt)

Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40 

Gridley, IL 61744
preference Walker #2678

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