Saturday, June 30, 2012

A little excitement.

First Logan from Lifeline wrote us on Thursday and said how she was noticing our extreme patience while waiting for the LOA as we haven't contacted her at all.  She said she requested an update on our file and hopes to have one on Monday.

Second...I've been searching Craigslist in Portland and Seattle for the bedroom set we want for Zihao and Taizi.  The set is by Ikea and I've loved it for a long time. Wanted to get it for Z and C before they came home but it's really for toddler boys so this is perfect! I found the dressers to the set on CL in the Seattle Cl perfect condition. They are $129 each and she was asking $130 for both of them. I wrote her and said I was seriously interested and told her we are adopting 2 little boys from China and are excited to find this deal. She wrote back and said "awesome...$100 for both!".  How wonderful was that?? And to top it off I looked her area up on the map and she just so happens to live 10 minutes from a sweet friend of mine...that is willing to go and pick them up and hold them for us! So we have 2 dressers ! :) Now to have 2 little beds, 2 little nightstand and all the little trimmings to make a cute little room for two very cute little boys :)  One deal at a time is the plan!

We bought room darkening blinds at Walmart today for their room...and little miss Izrael Promise is now sleeping in there in her crib.  Why is that good news? Well b/c she's almost 16m old and has been sleeping in our bathroom since the beginning.  Why the bathroom? #1 it's only a few feet from my side of the bed. #2 there are no windows in our bathroom and that's one of our tricks for sleep training all of our babies. We transition them out of the dark at 15ish months and it works like a charm after a few adjustment days.  Why is this all good news that she's out of there...?  Because...we have our bathroom back! :)

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