Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Little Zihao Zhong Hua.  Yes the name is staying :)  Dean ordered me a ring with all of our children's names *(I'll post a pic when it arrives!) for Mother's Day and he said he kept Zihao so there it is.  We sent him a shirt that I had custom made for his birthday.  This shirt was pretty tiny but it was sample sale so I thought it'll work...I was shocked to see how big it is on him! It was a very small 2t.

Look at the light in those precious eyes.  He shines. He is so beautiful... I love that they let his hair grow out! We love hair in our family ;)  Oh and to the people that suggested he appeared left handed...nope...he's not ;)  This left handed Mama will so far have 8 right handed children...maybe Taizi will be a lefty ;)

Yes we get way more photos of Zihao than Taizi :( Taizi's birthday is this month and we are getting ready to order his cake and gift from Red Thread China with the promise of photos of the party and we can't wait!!

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