Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My boy.

So we went to Spokane for Azlan's Audiology appt.  The doctor says "oh would squeal b/c it's set to it's most sensitive setting to go through the plastic and the elastic headband....we have to change the setting to attach it to his head!" :) Lovely. Would have been nice if Dr. Husein knew that :)

So he worked with it and put it on. Azlan was funny. The best part is watching his eyes. They get all focused and then start darting with every sound. He immediately said "I hear people in the hallway" :)  Later he was saying "I hear someone shut the door. Can you hear that?"  "I hear a fan. Who hears a fan?" the doctor was laughing at his excitement.

Everything went extremely well.  We then went in the sound room (oh how many times I have been in the sound room...since he was 3 weeks old) where they can measure at what frequency he hears.  It was the same as with the headband but he said they expect that for now and that it may actually improve.

One of the cool moments was when the doctor told Azlan to speak and then tell us where the sound was coming from and he said his nose. The doctor smiled so I asked what that was about and he said "before the BAHA he would have pointed into his left ear...the BAHA allows him to hear the sounds right from the mouth" :)

He explained how this will help with localization but that takes time for the brain to catch on that there's that slight delay when it's coming from his right side...and then interpret that as "oh it's from the right side of my head".  He said it will not help with back ground noise. He will still lip read and that's good.

Krispy Kreme donuts for the road...and then we were on our way home.

When going to bed last night, Dean took his BAHA off and he said "Can I sleep with it...? It's my ear" it was really cute. But no. $4000 ears do not lay on your pillow :)

We had to wait for Dr. Husein to get out of surgery and he looked at Azlan's head. I never mentioned that the sore started again from the inside and has now surfaced to the outside. Thankfully Dr. Husein was completely open to hearing from our friend (a renowned infections disease doctor) and followed exactly his protocol for a 'foreign body infection'. oral antibiotics for one whole year. Yes...that's what I said. Gulp. Thankfully Azlan is otherwise healthy and this is something we have to do to kill the infection from the inside out...for good.

Adoption news...not much. Except our Both Hands project is moving forward. We got our first supplier donation which is very exciting.  A tree trimming company is donating their time and services for the day and we need it!

We also received notification tonight from a grant organization that we have an interview with them Monday night! That felt very out of the blue as the last several notices we have received from all of my applications were "not at this time.". We are praying and trusting God that He will supply every need.  No I've had a few moments. Then I quickly realize this is nothing to do with me and God has totally 'got this'.

My aunt is very very sick in Newfoundland.  Thankfully she is ready to meet Jesus and though it is truly so heartbreaking for my Mom and her family...she is really ready to meet Jesus. One look into his face...and it's instant peace.

My heart is breaking for her and for my Nan (mom's mom).  Please pray for them.

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