Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer fun!

Our kids are actually still in school due to Azlan's surgeries, infection and other times we took extended time off due to visitors etc. They are almost done and we just may do 2 days a week all summer.

It's still summer though! :) We are having lots of fun especially in our backyard! The garden is growing (not going to lie...the kids are more into this than mama ) and the grass is green...pool is pit is being used often...Love!

We had some friends over for a fire the other night.  Kids were so cute together and of course everyone really got into the s'mores!

Tonight we went for a drive to the river and the kids had so much fun.  They love the little things...which is pretty awesome. Skipping rocks.  A tire swing.  Hanging out with the family.

When we were getting in the van after all of our playing and watching the sun set it was well past "bed time" and Zunduka said "wow..I feel like a man in the desert needing water more than anything!" it was very funny and said in a dry way as only he could. Dean and I had a good laugh :)

After everyone was in bed...Zion came to the stairs and knowing you don't get out of bed unless something is really wrong he said "something is really wrong Mama you need to come see Chazano".  So I bolt upstairs and Chazano is laying in his bed sobbing. Not crying. Not just tears. Really really crying. Tears. Runny nose.  Sobs. He's got himself really worked up...and he says "don't make me be a daddy... Mama I don't ever want to be a Daddy!" (Daddy means a grown up to him).  So I quickly pull him close and tell him he's a little boy and he's not going to be a daddy any time soon. He just cried and cried and kept telling me all of his fears and looked at me right in the eye and said "I don't ever want to leave you...don't ever ever make me leave you please mama..." and the tears started all over again :( Poor boy.  So after I had talked to him about he'll be with us for a lot time and never ever will he have to leave Daddy and I he said "but what if God takes you to Heaven and you die" and again the sobs started.  So we had a little heart to heart about how God is good. And you can trust Him.  He only wants good for us.  We can trust Him. 100%.  We don't know about tomorrow but we trust Him. And the one thing we know is that never ever...ever...ever will God leave Him.  He was looking at me really seriously...and said "He won't...?" it was cute.  Finally he relaxed and laid back on his pillow. We prayed and he was calm.  

He has such a fear of being left.  Much much much....much...more than our bio children.  It's really quite sad yet healing to see him express it.  How long he's kept that inside we have no idea. But we love that he's talking.

And we love him. 


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  1. Nice to see how your son is starting to heal. Beautiful story...thanks for sharing.