Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tanned backs, bleached heads (some of them) and clean bathrooms.

Always clean bathrooms.


So Azlan is a little brown beach bum. He tans perfectly..YES we do sun block but that boy just soaks up the sun. And so does his hair! It's soooo beach-bum-blond.

And clean bathrooms. Always clean bathrooms.


It's what makes my little heart smile when I go to brush the kids' teeth or whatever we are see a clean sink, toilet and yes floor. Let me say...with 4 little boys...someone always ...always...gets distracted while going potty :) And...well...I like clean bathrooms. Since I won't let their childhood be stunted by hearing about how the missed the potty ... I clean bathrooms a lot.  :)

Summer is here and I love summer.

Today after working for a few hours I put Izrael in her swimsuit and got myself in mine...the kids were s.q.u.e.a.l.i.n.g with the delight and thought we'd go in the pool. Ok...there's cold then there's...cold.  Seriously.  I wasn't breathing for a good 15 seconds...and Izrael was wanting to be fully submerged.  Ahhhh.  So we went around the pool for a bit...with the kids all so excited about Izrael's reactions and then...we got out :) You know...we showed up...we left :)  And we came in guessed it....clean bathrooms ;) Just kidding. But thought I mind as well keep going.

Dinner outside...Dean playing catch with the boys....and...bedtime.  It's always a beautiful thing.  Play hard...sleep soundly. Peace downstairs. :)

We are still planning our Both Hands Project.  Our team meeting is July 9.  (Zion's birthday...but we will celebrate it the weekend before).  We will all meet for food, getting to know each other and planning our event. The biggest part of the evening will be mailing our letters for sponsorship.  I did the letter last night...a 2 hour event. For those of you that know me...I'm pretty no-nonsense. Sooo I don't proofread..thus the typos on my blog. I type as I think.  So to sit and painstakingly go through every bit of format of this letter...then to have it proofed by Both Hands and fix it...needed a Starbucks for that one ;)  But it's done and I really hope those of you that receive one of these letters in the mail from us...really take the time to read it. Know the story. And offer to help.

Dean came home tonight with a Starbucks (the one I mentioned above was only dreamed about) and I gave him a slew of compliments for just how amazing he looked today;)  He also bought "salted caramel chocolate ice cream". Seriously.  Post-Izrael pounds...? Yah. Now you know why. :)

Last night I showed Dean pictures of when Izrael was born (I was showing him hair pictures) and I was shocked to see how emotional it made me.  I was immediately oooohing and ahhhhing and confirming there must be at least one more bio Walker baby in the future....? Besides isn't 9 such an odd number to stop at...?  Yes. We are crazy. No we are not announcing anything. Yes...we are crazy.  :)

Back to enjoying my clean bathrooms.  We have bathrooms to clean and for that we are thankful. For 4 little boys that make messy bathrooms....we are eternally thankful.

There are no little things.

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