Monday, June 18, 2012

There are no 'little things'.

Ever say "'s the little things..." ? :) I'm starting to realize there are no little things.

If you are a parent...

If you are an adoptive parent...

There are no little things.

The 'little things' are really the things that matter.

The things you will look back on years from now and smile in your heart at.

Sadly the things that often take most of our days ... are things we won't even remember.

There are no little things.

Yesterday when we arrived in Spokane for the funeral...there was a gathering of homeless people under a bridge. We could see their cardboard room dividers...make-shift beds...and definitely their unclean clothing. The kids were spell-bound.  We took the moment to talk about gratefulness. (We talk a lot about gratefulness in our family).  We talked about how very much we have to thank God for every day.  The little things. Your bed. Your pillow. Your blanket.  Your jammies.  The running water we have in our home.  The fact that Mommy cleans all of your clothes. Your teeth. Your hair.  The list went on.

I love the purity of their hearts. Zion was glossy eyed as he imagined living under the bridge. Zunduka started recounting what it was like living in the village in Zambia where they didn't have the basics we have.


Last night as I was putting them into bed we prayed. I prayed then each of the children prayed.

Zion:  " am so thankful for all the things we have that we don't even think about. But I'm so glad that YOU think about them for us and give them to us. You must love us SO much!"

Chazano: "It made me sad today to see all those peoples under the bridge on our trip.  They looked poor. I'm thankful for what you give us and most of all God....for my mommy and daddy. My mommy and daddy love me and I love them.  Thank you for them God."

Zunduka: "God thank you for a warm bed, a warm home, clean clothes, good food and that we never ever go hungry or lonely.  Thank you for loving us. All the way in Africa.  For giving us a forever mommy and daddy when our tummy mommy died.  Thank you God.

Azlan: God....thank you for a gooooooooood time. Thank you for Zihao and Taizi. I pray we will raise lots of money to bring them home suuuuuuuper fast.  Give Zihao and Taizi a goooooooood time.

Azahria: made me sad today to see those poor little girls that their mommy and daddy died. I can't imagine if my mommy and daddy died. Thank you for their auntie and uncle that love them.  Thank you that you will take care of them. Please help them not to be sad.  Amennnnn.

This morning in school Chazano was reading short sentences and then had to fill in the blank. On Friday he reallllly struggled with very basic words. The more he struggled the more he felt overwhelmed looking ahead at what he had to read so we just ended his for the day.  Today I sat with him and he read EVERY word at a very quick pace.  He looked at me and said " Mama...I feel so proud of myself today. The other day I couldn't do it and I felt like I would never be able to read. The other kids read so well and today I feel like I CAN do it and maybe someday I WILL be able to read books".  I got a lump in my throat. I told him "I am proud of you too. You did amazing" and he was beaming from ear to ear.

The little things.

Yesterday when little Coral held Dean's finger and wailed when she was taken hit me.  And all day today when Izrael would come reach for me I got that same lump in my throat.  No one holds her like Mommy.  Even though Coral has lots of people doting on's not mommy and she knows it.

The little things.

When I visited with Steffani the widow we are helping for our Both Hands Project...she pointed around the house to the non-functioning window blinds. The sliding door that is always fogged up so you can't see through it.  The sink that leaks like crazy so there's a big bucket underneath it.

The little things.  She beamed when I told her we can fix these to her. At no cost to her. We can help.

The little things.

There are no such things as little things.

These are the things that matter.

Life is made up of moments.  That's why I rarely go to the mailbox without a giant camera around my neck. When a child leaps in the air for a butterfly...I want to capture that. Not just the big day at the zoo. No ... the little things that make their heart sing all day long.   This is what life is made of.

We think it's important that we expose our children to suffering people. Orphaned children. Homeless adults.  Dying cancer patients.  Giving them a thankful heart for each 'little thing' they have.   It's so sad when a child...or adult for that matter...loses appreciation for little things and becomes un-grateful.  We are living in such an "entitlement - society" so we get that we are going upstream.  We hear it often from well meaning people: "what about college?" "how in the world will you pay for college for NINE children?"  Good point. We won't.  Our children will work as we did...and pay their way through school. They will work hard at good grades to qualify for scholarships. We think it's much more important ... to give a child a LIFE...than to give each child life on a silver platter. Our children are loved beyond words. Cared for. Nurtured.  And thriving.  They have hearts for the broken. For less fortunate.  This is how we measure success in raising our children.

If you ask each one of our children how many children you want when you are a mommy or daddy...each one will tell you a number then an additional number of how many they want to adopt.  That is beautiful to us. Maybe we can't change the world...but when that duplicates through to absolutely can. We all leave a legacy...what we do ... our children will do. If it repeats and repeats through our 9 children and their children...what was once "little things" ... can indeed change the world.

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  1. this totally touched my heart and helped me to focus a little more on the important things. thanks, friend.