Friday, July 20, 2012

Crushing pain.

There's heaviness and then there's a crushing pain deep within your spirit.  I am not anxious. I am not stressed. My heart hurts. Deeply.  I have a child on the other side of the world...that desperately needs me.  Needs help.  Needs hope.

I stop and pray.

God bring our children home.

I received our letter from the doctor this morning.

Please keep praying.  We need that LOA before we can do anything.

Today is the first time I have counted since day 29. Today we are day 67 waiting for our LOA.  I'm praying day 70 is the day. Monday.

After I typed this post I went to Zulily to see if any deals stood out to me for our boys.  I saw a site with Robeez type shoes for a good deal. They were all same-same to me.  Right at the end my eyes stopped...and I'm not convinced my heart didn't I saw these.  It felt like God's little gift to me today.  Shoes for Taizi. With his name on them.  Crown prince my baby are the prince!

RE:  Tai Fu’An
To Whom It May Concern:
I am a pediatrician who specializes in children who are adopted internationally.  
I had the opportunity to review the information for Tai Fu’an, date of birth 6/26/09, who is being adopted by Janice and Dean Walker.  Tai Fu’an is a child with cleft lip and palate who also has significant failure to thrive and profound developmental delay that seems to be getting worse over time.  In his initial physical he also had a significant heart murmur.  
I am very concerned that Tai Fu’an has a serious medical condition in addition to his cleft lip and palate.  It is my professional opinion that he needs to be brought to the United States as soon as possible so that he can receive a full diagnosis and start on intense therapy for his condition.  I implore you to expedite his adoption.  
Please feel free to contact me with questions.
Julia M. Bledsoe, MD

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