Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 77.

This last weekend we took a spontaneous trip to Lincoln City. It just may be my favorite place ever and that's saying something...because I've been to a few 'places' ;)  It was Dean's 35th birthday and we had so much fun.

This morning, Dean 'just so happened' to still be around and we were on the phone with business calls and the phone just seemed to be non stop.  As soon as I hung up the phone one time, it rang again. I glanced over at the phone which was in front of Dean and saw "Lifeline".  I said "'s ... it's ..lifeline..." and with that I dropped my head to the table in my hands and instantly was sobbing.  Dean kept saying " want to answer answer it" and I was no where near ready. He did and I could hear Logan's voice on the other end.  He put it on speaker and she had so much emotion in her voice it was amazing. She told us how their entire office has been praying for us and for these LOA's and they were SO elated when they saw ours in the batch this morning.

It was an amazing moment.

Day 77.  One perfect number for each perfect little boy that is soon coming home.

We will receive the LOAs via Fedex tomorrow and send them back with the I800 filled out. Lifeline will attempt to have the I800 expedited and we'll wait to hear updates from them. Normally it's about 8-10 weeks from LOA to travel but we are praying that this is much shorter.

Thank you for praying with us...I just can't believe it!


  1. So excited for you! From what is tracked on CHAT, avg travel time is 10-14 weeks after LOA, so I will definitely be praying for that 8 weeks! (Which could be sooner if they get I800 expedited!) Praying the rest of the wait goes smoothly and I can't wait to see you guys with your boys in China!

  2. Home from PEI and getting caught up on my blog roll... STILL so thankful for this news after seeing your update on FB. I actually dreamt last night that i was with you when you got to see and hold little Taizi for the first time... it was an amazing moment when you picked him up from the crib! Soon, friend! SOON! Praying the 8-10 weeks to travel is much less... Zihao and Taizi - you're coming home to love!

  3. Tera~yes I've seen a few stretch out to the 14 week mark. Since we are praying for a miracle here...our prayer is 6 weeks :) Lifeline is hopeful that a few of these steps can be expedited.