Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Duka's surgery

After the busiest 3 days ever...(I think that is an accurate statement...) we woke everyone up at 3:30 am this morning, piled them all in the van with pillows and their blankets to go to Spokane. I had packed a small suitcase with all their clothes and shoes for the day so they could stay in jammies.  I have to say...I'm seeing this as a much easier option than the hotel stay! Kids slept, it was dark and I love driving as the sun rises!

Dean dropped Zunduka and I off at the door and away we went.  He was quiet...wouldn't really say much.  When Dean went in to wake him at 3:30 he was wide awake...we don't think he ever slept :(  Once we got settled I noticed him shaking. I went and put him on my lap and asked if he was scared and I was sure he was going to burst into tears. He nodded dramatically. I held him close and prayed with him. We talked about how the angels were going with him and Jesus promises to never leave him. He thought that reminder was cool.  ;)  I requested sedative and the doc fully supported that as he could see the separation anxiety plus the fear of surgery.  He got a little woozy as I held him and he doesn't remember a thing about the rest of the morning until he woke.

Surgery was 3 hours which seemed like a really long time for this procedure.  The urologist was happy with the outcome. He said he 'accomplished the task with difficulty' and he thinks the prognosis is good. He said we really won't know about fertility for sure until he is an adult. He will monitor growth as he grows and said that will give us a good idea.

When Zunduka woke I had a funky robot there for him ;) We just so happen to have 4 boys that LOVE stuffed animals.  Robots are even better ;)


We are home and he's been doing great. A little bummed that he can't go swimming for a few days but other than that he's enjoying all his time hanging out on the couch with books or the iPad ;)

The nurse was telling me how difficult it is for them to do an IV on children so dark.  She said especially here in the NW where we are predominantly white...they just aren't skilled. She showed us how she put a flashlight under his head to try to show veins b/c obviously the color doesn't show. I had never thought of that.  She said it takes a few pokes which is another reason it was good he was already 'out' ;)

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