Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Many of you have asked what makes up the enormous costs of this adoption.

Here it is! :)

First this is what we have paid so far. Some out of pocket. Many donations and a few grants.

-Fingerprint fee $102.50
-Passport photos $20
-Passport renewal for Janice $80
-Immagration services fee $890
NCFA Parent Training $195
Birth Certificates $26
Marriage License $13
Fed Ex Fees for sending dossier to Lifeline $45
State certifications based on 13 documents $65
Dossier County Certification $39
Chinese Consulate Authentications $150
Visa expenses for 2 adults including courier fees $350

Application fee to Lifeline $250
Lifeline Children's Services fee $5000 (covering administrative costs etc)
China Humanitarian Aid $250
Chinese Liaison Fee $1500
Home study fee $1500
Shipping fees for all documents $195
General Translation fee $50
Post adoption services $1750
Post adoption translation fee $70_______________all listed above is paid.  $12,480.50 is paid in full.

CCCwA log in fee for a child when you have a preapproval $800
Special Needs online processing fee $140
Orphanage donation (mandatory) $7000 PER CHILD

Internation flights estimate $3000
Hotel accomodations $2000 (yikes but we are there about 17 days)
in country flights $700
Food $460
guide/service fees $500
transportation $1000
guide / driver tips $200
visit to orphanage $300

  (total fees for adopting one child $28580.50)

additional $7000 orphanage donation
$2000 agency fee for second child
Other travel fees. Total estimation for adding second child = $12,000.

$28580 plus 12,000 = $40,580.50

Paid so far $16,930 (counting $3000 Katelyn's Fund Grant and $2000 in adoption account).

Left to pay on account : $23,650


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