Thursday, July 26, 2012


We have lived here 9 years...have 7 children since we moved here 9 years ago...and have been to Florida more times than the Oregon coast.  Funny. :)  This weekend is Dean's birthday...and we are taking our fabulous crew to the Oregon coast.  We had a $200 Expedia credit (b/c they messed up big time on a reservation once) and we booked a nice hotel in Lincoln City.  They credit could not be used for 2 rooms (seriously) so please don't give heads-up to the manager that we are requesting a room with back door we can sneak 7 kids into one room. Yes...yes.


So there you go. I will get to see the ocean after all! As my sweet friend kept reminding me "don't get too excited it's the Pacific NW!" :) haha...but to me...right now...the ocean is the ocean. I don't want to swim in it..I want to sit on the beach and HEAR it! ahhh.

We heard back from Home Depot (who kept us waiting for a week now for an answer) that even though they requested a detailed sheet of what items we need for the Both Hands Project...they are giving us 2x $25 gift cards. I have to admit I felt a little sick...we still have much to be donated. And it's about $500 in bathroom/kitchen supplies we need...wait...$450 now :)

Lifesong For Orphans has now teamed up with us to pray for Taizi's health and fast LOA's.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people that are so passionately advocating for the 'least of these'.   Please keep praying.

As we go to Oregon I'll keep looking on PDX craigslist for the rest of the bedroom furniture. So far we have the 2 dressers, 1 bed with new mattress and night stand...we paid a total of $220 and at Ikea it's $ we are doing pretty good so far! :) Just one more bed and mattress and we'll be set. We'll take a look a the curtains and rug at Ikea this weekend. The kids are all voting on how to decorate their room...we'll see. Right now I keep thinking YELLOW and blue.  The furniture is all blue and I think a sunny yellow and blue room will be cheerful which is exactly what I want our precious little boys to got to sleep and wake in! Yes...even though they will sleep with us for quite a while...:)

Back to the ocean...

you have no idea how excited I am. It's really sad that we've been here 9 years just 4.5 hours from the ocean and this is our 2nd time

*73* days waiting since LID

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  1. Yay!! So glad you're getting a little getaway... and to the OCEAN no less!! Enjoy it friend.

    Frustrating that a bigger corporation like Home Depot couldn't help out more...:( Praying the rest come through!