Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thoughts and fundraising.

Dean was saying on our way home from OR...that to him...the ocean is almost too loud...almost annoying after a while.  Ahhhh to me...it is instant peace.  

It is louder than all my thoughts.  Bigger than anything I'm facing.  Stronger. Powerful.  It screams "God" to me.  If I lived near it...it is where I would run when feeling overwhelmed. Some people go to a quiet place...horse back ride...sit by a tree....you would find me on the beach.  Looking out over the massive-ness of something so powerful it brings peace.

I am now convinced it is deep inside of me.  I grew up on the ocean. I never thought anything of it...until when we moved to the mainland I saw my mom struggle because for the first time in her life she wasn't over the ocean. I remember thinking "how silly...the ocean?".  Going back...showed me it is indeed something deep inside of you.  I would pay a fine price to live right...there.  Dean...would rather be on the lake ;)

Our Both Hands project is this Saturday.  Deep breath. It's all going to be ok.  Right? :) We'll make it and we'll get there.  If you have received a letter from us...the thing we want you to know the most...is that every $10 counts.  We all too often fall into the trap of thinking "if I can't give big...I can't give".  That isn't true here. I'm not convinced it's ever true.  You can also click the "donate" button to the left of the blog. Lifesong will mail you a tax deductible receipt for your donation.  

We are doing a large yard sale next week (gulp). 

Basically we are doing what we can and praying God blesses our efforts.

To each of you that gave...our hearts are so thankful.  More importantly...you have been a piece of this story.  You have personally had a hand in bringing Taizi and Zihao home.  


  1. Janice, I'm just in tears...this is all so touching. All I can say is may God RICHLY bless in so many ways. I wish we could do so much more.

  2. I have been following Janices blog for a while now and I have to say this post hit me like a brick. I often sit here and think, what can I do, little ol me ?? When Janice said every $10 helps bring our boys home it just hit me that she is SO right. I immediately hit the donate button on the left and gave $20. What is $20 really ? On an average week its coffee, its a couple lunches out, its that cute t-shirt you picked up but honestly didn't really need. But for this family its so much more. Can you imagine if everyone that reads this blog gave up coffee, or lunch or that new shirt ? and donated whatever extra they could give. I think it would be AMAZING !!!!

  3. Erin- thank you, friend. Xoxo

    Heather- isn't it amazing what a little can do...? Thank you so much for following this story that God is writing. Thank you for donating and helping bring our babies home!