Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Lifeline has seen the birthday photos and requested a medical doctor's review of his photos and entire file. She said with a full letter stating how serious his medical need is and the urgency of it...we may be able to expedite the rest of the process.

After calling 8 international adoption clinics, University of Washington's was the first one to call me back. We have sent them Taizi's file, video and all three sets of photos from October 2011, February 2012 and now July 2012 so they can see the progression. We are waiting to hear back but likely have our consult tomorrow on the phone with the specialist and from there he will write the letter. The fee is $450 for this service and it's just part of the process to bring our precious home.

We also decided that we are going to keep their english agency names as their middle names as opposed to their given chinese names.  So it will look like this Taizi Tommy Walker and Zihao Ethan Walker.  It actually goes well with Zunduka and Chazano since they have Luvale first names and english middle names.  Now our new little boys will have Mandarin first names and english middle names and that is how we first new them....Ethan and Tommy. I would have never thought the name Tommy would mean so much to me...but when we saw that video of little Tommy...ahhhh.

Thank you for praying. Please don't stop.

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