Saturday, August 18, 2012

A brand new room...on a budget!

Today I did Zihao and Taizi's new room!  This room has been in my head for a while!  I planned ahead and each time I went to the West Side for business I searched Craigs List for deals on the furniture we were looking for.

The furniture is IKEA Mammut.  For the 2 beds, mattresses and night table we paid $195 on CL.  The price in IKEA is $390.

We bought the dressers on CL in Seattle area (still sitting at a friends house in Seattle area) for $100 for both. Retail is $360.

Entire room to paint was ONE can of paint! How crazy is that? the red wall took 2 coats (paint was Olympic ONE at Lowes) and the blue was one coat.  Half of a gallon of each color total. = $27 in paint.

We did buy the curtains, rug and bedding new at Ikea.

The finished product is below.

I cannot wait to see our 2 little boys in there very soon!

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