Friday, August 24, 2012


We are still here! :)  Life has been busy...and I keep forgetting to blog.

In adoption news: I spoke to NVC (National Visa Center) today and they said we were entered in to their system today and to call tomorrow to see if there's an update...! We are so so close!  I think almost every other adoptive family I've spoken to says the longest wait is from LOA to TA (travel approval).  I think we are just really busy...because as much as we are longing to bring our babies home...this is flying by for us.  LID to LOA was long because you never know when...whereas right now at least we know we are moving forward (as opposed to just sitting in a stack on someone's desk).

The boys' room is ready. Not that they'll sleep in there.  Ahh..yes.  It's like being 8 months pregnant and NEEDING to get the baby room done...and the baby moves to her room at 16 months old.  Uhh...that's me.  :)

Today I decided to switch the boys (Zion, Zunduka, Chazano and Azlan's) room over to the girls...and vice versa.  Where was sound thinking when I needed it...? room is almost done.  And that was the toughest room....the boys.  They are sleeping in their new room tonight. I moved both of their dressers to the walk in closet...painted the room with the left over blue paint from Taizi's and Zihao's room....and put the curtain up and then needed much help from Dean to take apart (as little as possible) and move the bunk beds. The only thing left is we are painting the back wall in stripes.  All of this room is being done at $0.  Sweet. Their closet still had half cans of paint from 3 years ago.  So the stripes will be Orange, baby blue and navy.  Same bedding. Same planet light. Etc.

The real question...why would we do this?  Well ... the boys room (now the girls) was 6" longer....not that big of a deal but it was more the placement of the room. The walls are better suited to where we can put a double bed and a toddler bed and have more open floor space.  The boys...I knew it would free up a lot of their room if we could put both dressers in the walk in closet.

So boys have 2 bunk beds, 2 dressers in closet and have a lot of open floor.  We will put probably 2 of those cheap Walmart or Target papasan chairs with their floor lamp and then eventually have a huge book rack on the wall.  Yes. Little boys that love to read ;)

In the girls: we will have 1 dresser, 1 double bed and Izrael's most adorable toddler bed that I bought Saturday at a yardsale for a song ;)

Ohhh...Saturday is an adoption yardsale.  I'll be much as I despise painting walls...I'd rather move rooms and paint walls than do a yard sale.  Dis. Like.'s what we should do.  We are still quite a bit financially short and are going to do what we can.

The Both Hands Project is still open. I know the letter said August 14...but they are absolutely still receiving donations on our behalf.  This project has been amazing and has raised so much of the funds needed to bring our boys home.  We are so so close.

The donate button is on the left of the page which allows you to donate directly to Lifesong (tax deductible) and goes right to our "account" and is paid out to our agency for our fees.

If you can send payment to:

Lifesong For Orphans
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL


  1. You need to post some pictures we you are all finished! I am the same way with the nursery too... I had to have it done before any of the girls came home. I tried moving Brielle to her bedroom a couple of weeks ago but it only lasted a few nights and she is back in our room! She was just too far away. :)

  2. Deal! :)

    Awww...yah I don't think we'll be moving the boys to their room for a while! Thankfully our room is massive and we have lots of room for more in here ;)