Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Monday morning I noticed our i800 check cleared the bank. I called Lifeline today and they confirmed that means it is out of the lock box and we should have an approval any day! It was expedited! We were told it had to sit in a lock box for 2 weeks but it sat about a week.

Also today we received our passports back...with Chinese Visas in them!

That was really good news b/c we were going on a prayer that it would work since the new changes were effective August 1. Well we seemed to get through!

We also had little Miss Izrael's passport photos done:

Not because she's as cute as can be...though true...but ... b/c it is highly likely she's coming to China with us.  So we need to be prepared. We will go ahead and get her passport and Chinese visa and that way we are ready to go.

Other happenings:  we are slammed busy.  Dean is working such long days and it's so hot and ... well our AC still isn't working and well... yah.  We are practicing attitudes of gratitude... :)

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