Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's a great day.

This morning we were all out the door by 8am and on the way to the dentist.  Dean dropped me, AP, Izrael, Tirzah and Zunduka off and took the other 3 with him to the City Hall for permits and other errands.  He texted me at 9:45 and asked if I was near done. Well today they were running behind so no. Zunduka has just gotten his needle and still needed 3 teeth filled.  Dean then told me the concrete guys called and needed him there NOW (this was way ahead of schedule) soooo he raced back and set all the posts for his job with the 3 boys and I....was stuck :) Dean suggested we walk to Target. A significant walk...with a baby and no stroller ;) But the day was beautiful it wasn't too hot yet and so we did. Izrael laid on my shoulder the entire walk, I thought she was asleep!

Zunduka did amazing. The dentist said he's never had a patient like him. Did not flinch with the needles etc, yet when I lifted his sunglasses of him he was totally crying.  That "Zambian culture" of do-not-show-pain ....? :) Not sure but he was really tough! So he is now done until his next 6mth cleaning.  One at a time, we are getting them done.

We got to Target and well...don't drop me off at Target for a few hours! :)  Actually I purchased 5 Christmas gifts (couldn't resist) that were $34.99 down to $5.50 and $29.99 down to $3.50. Seriously? Yes!

Dean went home, showered and picked us up at Target. Izrael fell asleep instantly in the van.  We headed to the Richland Post Office for passport stuff. I walk in and the lady promptly informs me despite what it says online, it's appt only. RRRRR. She then says the next appt is end of next week. RRRRR.  I ask if I can just talk to the officer she's like "FINE!". The lady peeks out and it 'just so happens' to be the lady that knows us and loves us!  She says "Janice Walker...what are you doing here?? I just saw you on the news!" I tell her I need a passport for my baby and we are all here and I have everything ready...she said "oh I'd never turn you away! I'll be right out!" Aahhh. I say a quick prayer thanking God for a 'small' gift...and run across the street to help get 7 kids out and in the post office. Izrael didn't even budge and definitely didn't wake. We paid the expediting fee, she waived $20 of it ...and $174 poorer, we walked out ... DONE!

Dean opted to take us all to lunch for soup and salad after that adventure. Then we did Costco...and are just home at 5pm.

In between there I emailed Logan from Lifeline and asked her if she would contact our i800 officer for an update. She called him and he said it JUST arrived from the lock box location into his hands and he already APPROVED both of them and put them in the mail!!!! We will receive them in a few days!

Thank you, God.  Thank you.  I know how much we want Zihao and Taizi home and I can't imagine how much YOU want them home.

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