Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's in my blood...

to get a good deal :)

Before I was even pregnant with Izrael I was hunting Craigslist for the stroller system I wanted. I finally found it in Portland (4hours from us).  The Quinny Buzz complete with bassinet and car seat.  The set was over $1100 retail and we paid $350.

Fast forward. Izrael is almost 18months old and we have used that set ... well.

I sold it on Craigslist today...for....you guessed it....$350.  Yes. I used a stroller system for FREE for 18 months.  How sweet is that...?

Then I turned around and bought a double stroller set that is $699...(!!) for $370 on ebay. Brand new...open box.  It's the Britax B Ready.  After all my research this is the one b/c both seats fully recline and we need that for Izrael and Taizi.

So...I got a steal 18 months ago...sold it and made 100% of my money back and bought a sweet system now...for $20 out of pocket.  Yes.  (pictured is last year's model but it's close enough)

Then...I sold Tirzah's bedroom set. Which was a mix match of stuff from over the years.  I sold it b/c there was a sweet deal at Costco on a Cafe Kid double bed.  Really...a sweet deal.  So with cash in hand from what I sold her stuff for...I headed to Costco only to be shocked that...it was completely sold out. Including the display. Uh oh.  I come home to look it up on Costco.com...yah...it was 90% MORE in price.  Fantastic.  It sells on ebay for $1100.  It was at Costco for $499. I call every Costco I can find and nope it's sold out.  I find one...in some random place 3 hours from here. They have a few left. And ... oh...it's not $499 in this store...it's $349...!  So we all load in the van, rearrange the seats and head out on this random road trip for a good deal.  The best part is we called my friend who said "can you buy 2 for us for our girls' room??"(because the best part of finding a deal...is sharing the deal with someone else! Love that we were able to help this family save so much money!) So we filled our van (quite literally) to the brim with 3 massive beds...and got home after midnight.  Only our family.  We are admittedly crazy...and enjoy our adventures ;)  

So there you go. I'm sure I made my mom proud tonight.  Making $ go a very long ways and in the end ...got an amazing stroller system for $20...and a brand new high quality bed for Tirzah and Azahria for $0 out of pocket b/c of what we sold what she had. 

I told you I'm nesting...right? 

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