Friday, August 10, 2012

Looooong days.

Dean has been working at this job this last week...where the client is...lovely ;)  She's up at the crack of dawn and she likes her hired contractor to be there at that same time. It's been hot. Very hot. Dean's giving in to her requests.  These last few days the kids haven't seen him and when I do...he's so out of it that it doesn't count.

This is when I'm thankful for 8pm bedtimes.  :) The house is quiet. Kids are reading in their beds. Tirzah is drawing in her sketch book. The house is clean.  I have a mug of coffee ice cream.  The dishwasher is running.  And I'm trying not to think of what I have to do before 11am tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning is our interview with the local news.  She has to get 2 sound bites and ... I don't think Dean can be home. So tonight at dinner I was asking the kids some questions to see who would be best suited. was funny. They would get silly and blurt out "how exciting we are going to be on TV!!!!" and honestly Tirzah would totally say that while being filmed ;) I think Tirzah is out.  haha. Zunduka is very articulate and thinks his thoughts through ... and if he taps his chin with his long finger to think..that would be even better;)  So....I'm thinking Zunduka is the one.

She wants to tape the kids playing as well soooo that means the playroom needs some work tonight too. It doesn't ALWAYS get left in showroom condition...;)

This morning we did the dentist.  8am appt. Me solo with the fab 7.  Our dentist office is FUN that's a big part of it.  We got there...I had to fill one million forms (for 3 kids).  I loved the set up...all the kids sat on a bench with me with 3 of the kids lined up in chairs all beside each other for their cleanings! Perfect. They even had 6 or 7 chairs there...wonder if they'd reserve the whole room for us next time...?

The dentist was the best. He is Canadian and his name is Dr. Walker.  There you go! He has 5 kids and frankly...thinks I'm crazy.  We had a good long talk because...well...we'll be seeing more of him.  My poor kids. Of all the good things to inherit with the Procopio bloodline...teeth is not one of them.  I seemed to skip the problem-enamel but my kids so it. Zion has LOTs of surface cavities.  Tirzah has a massive hole in her tooth ... they will remove that tooth and work on the rest of the cavities. Azlan...poor Azlan. He hated the dentist. Everything was gross he said ;)  Azlan's teeth are...beautiful :) He has a full underbite due to the cleft palate.  And teeth that have merged together because of the cleft in his jawline.  Much decay. The dentist may remove some teeth.  He will be put out under a general. So 3 kids...3 dental surgeries. Yes...I do have 4 more kids to go for their check ups...!

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