Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project. Exhaustion. :)

This Both Hands Project is coming together and we are so excited about what's going to happen on Saturday.  I also know what total exhaustion is like.  Yes I have 7 young children and would think I have experienced total exhaustion before...coming home from Africa with jet leg and 2 little boys with lots of hurdles...but I don't have memories of exhaustion.  This...this...I'm thinking is getting close to exhaustion. ;)

On to business:  We have made huge strides with local suppliers (is it them or us that works well under pressure...? ;) and things are almost to the point where we can take a huge deep breath. But..not quite.  A local plumbing supplier didn't get back to us today so we are up in the air on all the faucets until tomorrow. That's about $400 worth for us to purchase so we are praying he helps us out.

Today we did get lots accomplished.  Besides playing soccer, feeding 7 children, and attempting to not look as exhausted as I feel...we got a yes from Mustang Signs who is donating a large 4' x 8' custom Both Hands banner with a list of all of our local merchant donors to hang on the house on Saturday. How cool is that?  We got a go ahead (that we were not expecting) from Central Pre Mix for all the supplies needed for our curbing.  We got a huge go ahead from Parr Lumber for not only the fence boards for the fence repair but all of the stain for the fence. The stain was a must do b/c it's one of the few projects that we can use families and young children for. Dean met with Natural Beauty who gave their professional opinion on landscaping and donated all of the weed barrier for our landscaping.  He also met with All Year Tree Service (Dean has commented several times that "he was awesome"...thought you'd like that Ariane ;)...and boy he's doing a ton of work for us!!  Steffani went to Mac Nurseries and picked out her plants and even had a plan drawn up how she wants the front landscaping to look.  Of all of the nearly dead plants we are removing I think it's special that she has 2 beautiful rose bushes that are from her late husband, Troy. We will be taking good care of those plants and making sure they are in a special place for her family.
Dean met with Artistic Curbing and they planned their design for the yard.
We got in contact with Subway and are waiting to hear back from the owner tomorrow regarding possible food donations to our team.

I was interviewed by the TriCity Herald as they are publishing our story, I spent 20 minutes on the phone with KNDU local news who may be covering our story if they have time on Saturday.  He called me back and said "regardless of whether or not our crew can make it out Saturday...we were all very touched by the story of your family and wondered if you are open to us running a story simply on your family in the coming weeks".  We agreed. We are such very ordinary people...humbled to be living an extraordinary life.

I spoke to Lifeline today. They received my package this morning and confirmed it was all filled out correctly.  She spoke to our i800 officer and he said there is no way he can expedite through the 'lock box' process. Yes our file will sit in a box for 1-2 weeks.  Seems like such a waste of time but we know God can put it in the right hands and they can choose to push it through.  He did say the moment it comes to him, it will be processed.

Logan (lifeline) talked about our trip today. That is's all so real and so happening now.  She said b/c of our children's location we will fly into Hong Kong.  We will pick Taizi up first and then to Guangdong to Zihao.  Our plan is to go a few days early to make sure we are adjusted to time change, rested and ready to welcome the challenges that lay ahead. So exciting!  And yet...I can already feel that gnawing inside of me of leaving our children.  Too familiar.  Africa isn't that long ago...

Tonight I loaded up the kids and went to Sonic where they have a huge dish of icecream for $.50. Yes. If you are looking for the deals out there ask a large family. They should have them figured out :) My friend (mom of 6) just shared with me that Applebees has family night on Tuesday nights where with one paying adult, 4 children get a kids meal for only $.99 each :)  See...we make that dollar stretch ;)  So for $3...I had 6 very happy children. I went and mailed off several parcels (love that self mailer machine!), delivered a baby gift to my friend...came home and bathed 3 of the 7 kids.  Doctored owies and warts (literally) and kissed them goodnight.  Came downstairs and wrote out 20 more sponsor letters as Dean was loading the dishwasher.

Perhaps we should be going to a local massage therapist to see if they will consider donating a spa day once this project is all over.... ;) Ahhhh.

Goodnight friends.


  1. so excited to hear how it all goes tomorrow....I got a lump in my throat reading about Steffani's rosebushes. What a wonderful(and even more exhausting)day you will have tomorrow!! Be assured of our prayers! :-)Leanne

  2. Leanne- thank you friend for your support and your heart xo