Friday, August 3, 2012

Something much bigger than yourself.

I hope you have had the opportunity to be a part of something like that before.  What a humbling experience. You anticipate this small scale struggle as you work so hard but you receive a community...literally a community of people.  Believers and unbelievers. All together for one cause. Project English-Walker.

Today we were given so many gifts. They come in many forms.  Today my cousin's wife, Alisa Netti just outdid herself. She lives near Seattle (4 hours away from us) and that didn't slow her down one bit! She got the kitchen sink donated yesterday. She got a steal on a box of paint brushes.  She called several Subway locations, relentlessly...until one agreed to donate lunch tomorrow. She then decided to call that same manager back and asked if she would donate more.  Lesson: never-know-till-you-ask!  No hesitation! Absolutely! 3 party platters of subs to feed 30 people and platter of Subway cookies!  She called our local Starbucks and got coffee and large jugs of water supplied.  She called Little Caesars and got 10 large pizzas donated for dinner tomorrow night.

Gifts. were a gift today.  From my heart...thank you.

I texted 4 people to see if they could watch our kids today while I ran out and got more supplies.  Heather...who just so happens to be a mom of 6 kids...dropped everything and came over. She didn't just 'come over'. She came over and was excited to help. I came home to a shiny clean kitchen.

Gifts. were a gift today. As a mom of 7 kids...I know the sacrifice you made today. Thank you.

Craig works full time at a stressful job.  He has volunteered to spending his weekend off tomorrow with us working all day at Steffani's home.  Craig came home tonight and got a pressure washer and worked so hard washing down Steffani's fence.  He was hot and sweating...and happy to be helping.  It is 8:45pm right now as I type and Dean is over there pressure washing with Craig. He's still at it.


Craig (and Tamara) were a gift today.  Humbly...thank you.

Roy owns his own plumbing and restoration business. His wife is 41 weeks pregnant with child number...7...? (I think).  Roy worked all day today at Steffani's home...installing faucets and fixing non stop running toilets.  I stopped by this afternoon and brought him a Frappe (it looked like it was needed ;).  He's working hard today b/c his wife hopes to have their baby tomorrow.


Roy and were a gift today.  Your sacrifice was noticed.  Thank you.

Sandie is on her way home from Canada with 6 kids loaded into a vehicle for a 32 hour road trip (ugh).  At the drop of a hat she called me whenever I texted her today needing a lifeline.  Sometimes you just need an ear to vent into. I was able to hang up and was ready to go feeling like my burden was (a tad;) lighter.


Sandie...your friendship is a gift to me.  Thank you for you.

Dean owns his own construction company. We have chosen to stay small-scale and run with no employees.  Less hassle-less overhead-less stress.  Dean has a huge job right now...(blessing!) with a firm time line.  He worked from sun up this morning til 5pm today...he's pressure washing with Craig with a headlamp. The client said it has to be done by tomorrow b/c she's moving in with her dogs.  Dean will work all day tomorrow at Steffani's and work all evening at the job completing the fence for his client. Dean is one of the hardest workers I know.  He came home and ate dinner so fast that he texted me later saying his stomach hurt.  He is a father to our 7.  He can't wait to bring Zihao and Taizi home.  He's my gift.


Dean...I appreciate all you have done today.  You can watch all the olympics you want on Sunday. I won't interrupt once. (gulp).  ;)   I love you. You are a gift to me.

I'm thankful I learned (even if it took a long time) that gifts come in all packages. Most frequently in the form of people.  For each of you that took time to send a note today and encourage are a gift.

Kirsten, Leanne, Erin, Jenny, Heather...

Thank you.

We are going to make tomorrow a day to remember.  Let's give Steffani the surprise of her life when she comes home Sunday and let's....yes...let's bring our babies home!


  1. Oh Janice - I CAN NOT WAIT for your update after today! I know you'll need to crash and sleep first... at least I hope you will! You haven't been far from my mind all day. Praying all went well. What an amazing project and purpose. x0x

  2. Thank you for being so involved in this project with your heart- even from so many miles away.