Friday, August 31, 2012

Unfortunate delay.

You know...we did everything right and then some...and there was a delay of a full week.  We have made a conscious choice this entire journey to not stress, be anxious and just 100% leave it to God. I guess when the adoption process STARTS as His call and our surrender we realize it's really not about little bit.  We do what we can, as best we can, as soon as we can...and He's got the final say.

NVC was supposed to email us the PDF version of our approval so things could get moving on the Article 5. ( worries I don't get it all either but it's the final step of paperwork:).  Article 5 takes 2 weeks exactly. So if we had had the NVC pdf when it was approved....August 23...we would be half way through this Art. 5 process. But email after email, phone call after phone call, with them verifying that I was going to get the email any minute...I received the email the same day I received it in the actual mail. Not cool.  So we lost 1 full week.

Honestly my main reason for not wanting to lose a week is b/c of the trade fair in China in October. Hotel and flight prices jump and well...we'd love that not to happen for obvious reasons. the end...we did what we could when we the best of our ability and here we are ...delayed a week.  :)

Perfect peace.

We went to Seattle a few nights ago to hear James MacDonald live at Mars Hill Church.  Like an arrow directed right at your heart...unapologetic truth. Right where you need it. When you need it.  Bam.

We also met our sweet friend Kristina and picked up our dressers for Zihao and Taizi's room. AdoRABLE.  The room is done!

Yesterday I finished Tirzah and Azahria's room. I'm not joking when I say I was audibly talking myself through it. "you can do are so almost done...C'mon Janice!". Yah. That.  Please don't say "since you love it so much come help me paint"...I just may come help you paint but not because I love painting...but because I love you. That's for you miss Jenny.  ;) I hate painting walls. Truly hate it.  It's a strong word and it fits here.  I LOVe the finished project and I'm a do-er.  Love having things DONE and complete and feel ahhhhh.  But after 3 rooms...DONE.  No more painting. NONE.

Tirzah came in and saw it...and saw I was sweating and not having a blast and she came back up with a glass of room temperature orange pop.  Insert EWWWW here ;) but  it was the sweetest thing ever.  I drank it all and she was so adorable watching me. She kept asking if I was feeling more rested ;)

Zion came up and saw my paint can was empty and I had more to paint and he said "can we stop and pray Mommy?" so we did. We prayed for a little miracle that the paint would last. And it did. And he told the whole family it was because we prayed.

Today Dean is in court fighting some rediculous speeding ticket. You know...when you are going 55 in a 70 zone? And you get a ticket b/c the cop feels there may have been ice on the road? Yah. One of those.  So we'll see how he does.

I'm not sad to wave good bye to August. I feel like it was one of the craziest months ever. The Both Hands project was was so exhausting (and wonderful) and whew....and then the yard sale and then 2 dental surgeries and 6 dental appts...and working as hard as I can to help as many people as I can "change the game" for their families.  September....welcome.

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