Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update on Both Hands coming soon.

As many of you know...we did our Both Hands Project on Saturday. What a day. An amazing day.  Update and photos are coming soon we are just trying to get it all together so we can do a slide show. 

By now many of you have received the Both Hands sponsorship letter in the mail~please take the time to read it and do what you feel is right in your heart. 

Tonight I found this story online.  This is Mr. English...who I had the honor of meeting Sunday evening.  I have to say...I felt like I was in the presence of an angel as we talked.  This is Troy's dad (Steffani's father in law). 


We are in a complete heat wave here this week, which means the yard sale will be postponed. I don't see how we could possibly do what we need to do in 105 degree temps.

Many of you are asking what we are waiting on right now. We are waiting on i800 approvals which may take several weeks. We also sent our Chinese Visa applications off and despite huge changes that were enforced August 1...which would delay visas at the very end of the process (after Travel Approvals) our courier managed to get ours pushed through! They will be fedexed back to us on Monday.

If this post sounds exhausted...well...then...you have read me well. :)  A good exhausted...but exhausted none the less.  :)  Dean is working insane hours (6am to 9pm today)...our AC didn't function all day today b/c it froze over...and at 10 pm it's still over 94 degrees out. So our indoor temp was 86-88 degrees all day. Yes...yes it was. And I consciously made a choice to have joy today....many times :)

Goodnight all.

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