Sunday, September 30, 2012

A song of thanksgiving.

In the last few weeks...3 donors to our Both Hands Project...came back and donated again.

Thank you.

Today someone gave us an anonymous gift at church to help with Azlan's travel expenses to China.

Our hearts are full.

It's such a beautiful place to be.  Just this little random character in God's story.  He writes the lines.  He tells us where to go. He moves the other people around us.  It's all about Him.

Jonah 2:8.

Those who cling to worthless idols, forfeit the grace that could be theirs.

But I...with a song of thanksgiving...
will sacrifice to You.

What I have vowed, I will make good.

Salvation comes from the Lord.

Whoever you are...thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts...thank you.  God used you today.

**A Both Hands Project update: To-date, $13,218.65 has been donated to this fundraiser by amazing people like you!  As you may remember there was a $2500 matching grant offered so the total for this project so far is $15718.65.  Amazing.  A financial update for our adoption is:
When we receive TA (hopefully this week) $20,500 will be wired to China for final adoption expenses including orphanage donation fees (mandatory) and in country travel (flight from Taizi to Zihao).

We still have $2400 in our adoption account from the last grant awarded to us from Kaitlyn's Fund.  That plus the $16,177.82 from Both Hands = $18118.65.  So upon TA we need an additional $2381.35

After TA we are responsible for our flights to and from China and within (except for that one flight from Taizi to Zihao).  If we could purchase them right now this would be about $2500...however since you purchase so last minute...this is estimated at $4500 including the one way flights to bring Zihao and Taizi home.

So the update is we are $2381.35 plus approx $4000-4500 travel short.  Let's just say $6400.

(none of the above numbers include added costs of bringing Azlan with us).

While I don't love sharing the numbers b/c I don't want you to think we are asking for your money...I share because you all have been such a part of this journey and I think it's important to know where we are.  We are not asking for your money.  God has supplied 100% of the funds for this adoption so far and we trust Him to supply the rest.

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