Friday, September 14, 2012

Article 5!

I honestly am done asking what each step all I know is that we are at the END!!! This is the final piece of paperwork in this 12  month journey (look at timeline on the left...said yes just exactly 1 year ago!) from when God first said "MOVE" and we finally said "yes Lord".

We are now waiting for TA or travel approval from China.

There is no thought of panic....right...?

God is going to test this pathetically weak heart of mine all the way to the end.  This journey was way easier than the African journey...yet here at the end we are still thousands short and I'm left going "ok God...anytime..." :)

For praying with us...thank you.  For praying for our precious little boys in China...thank you.  Please continue to pray for their fragile little hearts that God would miraculously prepare them for all that is to come.  That all the gifts and photos we sent them will have tremendous impact and they will even recognize us when we meet.

For our children here at home (gulp) they will have fun, stay healthy and really enjoy this time with their close friends.

For Izrael as she embarks on a journey around the world. That she will stay healthy and just do well overall.

And finally for God to continue to provide all the way to the end, including a quick TA as the China Trade Fair begins in mid October and supposedly fares and hotels go through the roof and for many reasons...we need to avoid that . :)

The donate button on the left is still active for the Both Hands Project and your gift is still tax deductible.  From our hearts...thank you.

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