Thursday, September 27, 2012

I prayed for a sign.

A crystal clear sign that I should trust my instinct.

I wasn't expecting yesterday's trauma to be the answer to taking Azlan to China.

But it was the answer.

Just the night before the Izrael-episode I went to sleep praying "God, I know I have this horrible deep feeling that we shouldn't leave him behind but how do I know to trust it...? What if it's just my feeling...? Give me a clear sign that I can trust my instinct."

And then yesterday.

Oh. I can trust the God-given instinct He built deep inside of me.

I knew something was wrong with Izrael. And there's something telling me we need to take Azlan with us.

Thank You for the crystal clear answer.  And yes, I'm still thanking You for Izrael.  Every part of my being is crying out thank you.

Tomorrow at noon we have an appt for Azlan's passport. Trusting Him every step of the way.

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