Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little hearts.

Each night I try to take Izrael into my office for her to say 'goodnight' to Taizi and Zihao.  Since she is going to China with us...we talk to them all the time :) She gives a big kiss on the picture frame, it's the cutest thing.

A few nights ago we were playing with our Apple TV and saw the VIMEO button. We clicked it and one option was to view videos that we 'liked' so we clicked that. Up came Taizi's video. I thought maybe we had showed the children at one point...? but apparently not. was something to see.  Of course it still chokes me up every time. I looked at Azahria Peace (4) who was sitting on Daddy's lap. her mouth was open and her little hand over her mouth.  She had big tears welling up in her eyes.  Tirzah...sitting beside me was full blown crying.  Azlan said "I don't ever want to see that movie again, it was so so sad" :(

Children with broken hearts for the broken.'s a beautiful thing.  We talked about little Taizi and how special it is that God chose him and chose us to be a family.

This morning I took Izrael to the pediatrician.  She chokes so many times a day on her food it's crazy.  Like...on soft bananas....? She will take 2-3 then seriously choke and puke them all up.  We've been thinking it's lack of molars but there's no way...there's something no right.  Then..she wheezes. Especially when she's crying and takes a breath in...I mean it's really a wheeze.  With no health problems at all (allergies, asthma, etc) in our immediate family we thought lets check this out. I think it's even more strange that she did all of this in the doc office and he said "baffling. I think she'll grow out of it". Hm... not sure how settling that is. We are doing the barium swallow study (not pleasant memories of Azlan eating oreos dipped in barium goo) to figure that out but both Dean and I are not sure about the wheezing. It sounds like her airway is obstructed.  The doc said asthma is purely a clinical diagnosis at this age and the symptoms just are not there. (good news!)

Then this afternoon we had dental appts for Tirzah and Azlan. Tirzah had her retainer put in ... she made it through it and is good to go ;)

Have I said how excited we are to be going to China in a few weeks? Well this is one busy month for us so no sitting and watching the clock but it's awesome to know just how close it is!  CANNOT WAIT.


  1. It sure sounds to me like she could be aspirating. :( Poor girly...hope she does ok with the test and you get some answers!

  2. Tera I was hoping you would share your opinion. So the doc said at this age asthma is a clinical diagnosis and he doesn't see it. She did panic when he tried to examine her so he heard the wheezing and said "Wow..I hear that" but honestly has no idea what it is. We do have a swallow study scheduled so we'll see what that shows. The good news is that we are not dealing with asthma. That was something I wanted ruled out. He thinks whatever is going on she will outgrow it. He never mentioned aspirating?

  3. Having worked as a respiratory therapist for many years I will add that asthma causes expiratory wheezes much more than inspiratory wheezes. Unless it is really bad, asthmatics can usually get the air in, they just can't get it out. I agree with Tera...these seem like classic aspiration symptoms. I hope you get a diagnosis before you head to China. Will pray. Maybe it will be something simple like too much saliva from teething...causing mild aspiration. If these inspiratory wheezing events are also happening when she is not eating I would want to rule out things like tracheal malacia, and laryngeal papilloma.

  4. Sara, Thank you so much for your comment. I will call my pediatrician Monday morning to see if he will let us see a respiratory therapist asap. I really really appreciate you taking the time to give your professional opinion. Something is really not right. The wheezing is mainly when she's crying and inhales. The ped. said the same as you that asthma is mainly expiratory wheezing. She does have this lingering cough yet has not been sick...since I can even remember...? So yes the wheezing is not seemingly related to eating and we don't notice it then.