Thursday, September 27, 2012


Many of you know our story with Miss Izrael. Her middle name isn't Promise b/c it's cute...

She really was promised.

After years of infertility, 3 miscarriages, and always needing fertility medication...God asked me to trust Him. Completely. No meds.  A baby was going to be a miracle baby.

I fought with God (faith is not easy)...yes I wanted the meds. And in the end He won.  (hopefully always the case).  I said we would name the baby Israel / Izrael b/c  Jacob's name was changed to Israel after fighting with God in the OT.

Izrael Promise.  She was the miracle baby.

Months ago...months...many months. She began choking on food.  Vomiting soft foods.  We really thought due to having no teeth she wasn't chewing properly. No crankiness. No fevers. No illnesses.  It seemed relatively normal.  Then she started wheezing when she cried.  We went to the Pediatrician who felt it was something she would outgrow. He didn't feel there were signs of infection, stunted growth etc etc.

Long story short he ordered a swallow study.

We went in for that yesterday morning.

The techs whispered. A lot.  I know that's not a good sign.

They removed her sweater saying something was showing up from her sweater on xray.

They came back and did more still xrays.  Whispered. Rewound the video. Watched again.  Finally my speech therapist said "Janice...there's something wrong. Really wrong." she put her hand on my shoulder.  I could feel the blood drain out of my face.

She said "I need you to look at this X-ray..." I turned to see a large, perfectly round object in the middle of her esophagus.  I felt weak. I immediately said "what in the world...?" she said "we think it's a coin. She swallowed a coin". I started to cry. Really cry. She said "it's ok, we can get it out with surgery" I finally got out the words..."you don't must have been there for MONTHS!" she said "...what...??" I said "she's been having these strange symptoms for MONTHs!" she whisked us down to ER.  I called Dean. He came.  In ER the doctor contacted a local ENT.  We went over to see her.  She was amazing.  She said she sees all sorts of things but this long...? She said we win the award. We don't want the award though :(  She said "we are just going to operate tonight...."

The surgery started at 5:47pm.  There's a long story about that. How she had to be sedated in my arms twice b/c the surgical team was so delayed. As in hours. :( It became awful. A very hungry very tired baby...

Finally she was taken in.  Dean grabbed us food (I had had not one thing in my mouth since the night before) was now 6:45.  The surgeon came out.

She said "it was bad. And messy".  She sat down and talked to us.

She said with her scope she couldnt' even see it b/c it was completely enclosed in granulated tissue.  She prodded it and it bled.  She kept poking until her tool clanked against the penny.  She said it was so helpful knowing our story b/c it would have baffled her that it was so grown over!  I felt sick.

Can you imagine...? A penny stuck in your throat.

So long that the body grew blood vessels around it to enclose it...

I seriously was feeling sick.

My baby who could not talk.  Was suffering for MONTHS.

She gave us the penny.  We talked more. She said it was very bloody and messy but she got it out.

We talked about the risks of it having been in there so long. She said it could have perforated her esophagus...there could have been infection and septicemia...many things could have gone wrong. It could have blocked her esophagus completely.

We sat in pure amazement.

She started out promised.

From 12-18months...she was protected.  Never once had a flu. Cold. Fever.  Infection. Nothing.

My heart hurts.  She came home with us last night and slept all night. In fact I woke her at 9am. Happy as could be.

I have cried many times today. Just thinking about my baby...with a coin ... larger than her esophagus...actually stretching her esophagus...for months. Eating around it.  Oh my goodness.

Thank you God.  I'm humbled.  Grateful and in awe.

My heart is so full and yet hurts at what was.  She would say "owie" when she cried and we had no way of knowing. The doctor had no way.  It was completely overlooked. There never was an incident of choking and panicking (when it would have originally gone down her throat).  Just complete gratefulness.

To all of you who prayed...thank you.

We can take our child to China in peace.  I can't even go there. I can't even fathom.

How many miracles does God do for us...without us having a clue...?


  1. oh janice. this is so hard to read - and so beautiful. i love knowing how surely God's hand is on her always, and it comforts my worried mother's heart to remember that they are in His hands first, before mine <3. thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  2. Wow! Quite the story... I am so thrilled it is over with so you can safely take her to China without this added worry.

  3. Wow Janice. What an amazing story. Reminded again of God's kindness shown to us...