Friday, September 21, 2012

Needing a God-sized miracle...

Do you believe in those...?

I do.

We do.

Today our agency told us "it would take a miracle for you to travel in October..."


Well even though TA is likely coming this next week...October is just a bad month for adoptions in China.  Because...there's this massive trade show in Guongdong (where the consulate appts are and also where Zihao is) and it lasts for a long time. Like 3 weeks I think.

What does this have to do with anything?

Hmmm.  Our hotels could go from $125 a night to $300 a night (we'll be there 10-12 nights...gulp) and...that's if there's even rooms available.  Or consulate appointments.

Yes...I know when it's been this long what's another few weeks.  However...we believe in storming Heaven's door for a miracle.

Are you with us?


  1. Count me in on the praying! Can't wait to follow your journey. How long will you be going? I too, get a lump in my throat when I look at your dear little Taizi. He really needs to come home.

  2. Praying for you! We traveled in April during the trade fair and it wasn't bad at all. We paid $190/night at HI Shifu. CA shouldn't be hard to get since some agencies don't let people travel during trade fair so you should be fine on that.

  3. Tera..thank you so much for that info! I talked to our agency today and she's not seeing it that way but from what I've seen online...I think you may be right. Also others say flights are lower during trade fair (we are seeing them really low for October). I think they are prepping us for the worst hoping for the best ;) Just need that TA! Tomorrow is day's a perfect day ;)

  4. I have only found one other family that travelled during trade fair and they said their flights increased about 30% but Lifeline is saying they triple..? We'll see.