Sunday, October 21, 2012

A little something.

So the other night my friend and I were out and I told her how amazing that Psalm 91 was that she texted me. She looked at me a little I reminded her she texted me....:) And I kept talking about how I told her earlier in the day about my fears about illnesses with the kids etc and how this was such a direct answer. She looked at me really blank. I'm like 'am I talking to the right person...? You did sent me a text right?' It was funny.'s the best part...she was reading Psalm 91 and got this strong feeling to tell Janice to read it. She said she had no recollection at all that there was any mention of disease and protection from that etc.  I couldn't believe it.

And... sad is that? That I was shocked? That I had goosebumps again that it was God speaking without her even knowing it...?

Mustard seed faith.  Sometimes that's all we have. ;)

So now I cherish it even more.  She had no idea why she was telling me to read it. Yet it was the answer to what I was crying out for.

A little something. Awesome.

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