Sunday, October 21, 2012


Every year we go to a local pumpkin patch in October. The kids talk about it all through the year.

This year we told them we are not going to the pumpkin patch. It's a sacrifice our family is taking for the Chinese trip.  They were so mature about it and said they were sure we could find other fun things to do.

So we dressed up cute and went to "the forest". It's one of their favorite places to go. Oh they had so much fun!! Daddy would hide in the trees and scare them and they ran and ran and ran lots of energy off.

Here's some pictures of our day together.

Daddy & Izrael Promise 19m

Azlan Honor 6 y

Mama, Izrael and Chazano

Zion has magical eyes. He just shines.

Zunduka said "was I smiling?" :) He was smiling on the inside <3 p="p">

Oh Azahria Peace!

Daddy was running to hide with's far away but she was so excited she was giggling

Kisses from Daddy!

Mama and Izrael

Daddy was acting like he was going to tickle cute!

Mama and the little girlies.

Chasing Daddy!

Tirzah Liberty :)


I said "how excited are you that we are going to CHINA...??" and they all screamed ;)

Zunduka...high on top of the monkey bars

Love this picture of my Chazano boy

Upside down Duka

Go Zion go!!

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