Monday, October 29, 2012

Good news!

We have been waiting for our 'wired fees' total now that we are at the end of the process.  There are several variables and we haven't had this number until now.  We were told to anticipate an average of $20,500 when adopting 2 children.  (Yes this number is included in the total of this adoption).

We were told if we are taking Azlan and Izrael that costs may increase about $3000.  We begged to be able to stay in one hotel room and got that wish.  Still we were told with an extra in country flight and larger vehicle for our guide etc...we would still be up another $1500.

We received our total and it is $20,600!! So awesome!

It is very important for us to go to Taizi's orphanage if it all possible and we are expecting those final numbers tonight but it's estimated at $200 for the guide, van etc of going.

We are being offered the chance to go to Zihao's facility as well but since he was in a foster home since 7 weeks old...we are waiting to hear if we would get the opportunity to meet his foster family. If so...we would say yes to that opportunity as well. Otherwise we don't really see the point especially when the director will be delivering him to us, so we will have already met her.

Our suitcases are open.  And empty. :)  Open is a start right...? Since we are like 36 HOURS (I had 'days' typed...ooops!) away from travel.  Not one thing for the children staying is packed either.  Yah, I'll panic tomorrow :)

Oh that's not true...Zihao and Taizi's bags are packed...! :) That was the fun one!


  1. Oh I love how real this is!! It's happening!! I can't wait for your Thanksgiving day when the whole family is together at last:) :) :)

  2. so funny and so exciting! WOW...this is actually're going to China :-)