Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A song of thanksgiving.

Today was a normal day for our family.

School was happening downstairs.

I was on a training call.

There were a few emails exchanged with a friend.

Then an email came in to say...a donation of $5000 was being sent to us. 

I felt weak. Dizzy.  Emotion.  Shaking. Crying.

I read and reread the email. 

Closed it and read it again.

I ran downstairs to Dean and just showed him the email, said nothing.

He looked up at me and had tears.  He's a guy...not always tears ;)  He said "now I want to tell you what you don't know...
yesterday after we got the rejection letter from the grant...I started to pray. And felt convicted to pray boldly.  Pray big.  Tell God our need and I prayed that we would receive a donation of $5000..."

I looked at chills..."what...?"

Tirzah was doing her school at the counter and she said "I prayed yesterday kneeling down by the couch that God would give $5000. I knew He'd do it...I knew it! It's a miracle!! God heard me!!!"

I'm still standing there holding my phone looking at the email.

Just yesterday I poured out my heart about my cry to God.

 In my distress I called to the Lord, and He answered me. Jonah 2:2.

That's hard to say when you are sitting in the belly of the whale with seaweed on your head...I have no doubt.

That's hard to say when you are 6 days away from getting on the plane to China and you do not have the funds to go.

Thank you Lord.  Your mercy endures forever.


  1. God is amazing!! I am so happy for you. Go get your boys.

  2. This journey has been incredible seeing God provide time and time nothing short of miraculous ways. Thank you for following our journey and praying with us April <3

  3. What a beautiful story... thanks for sharing. It is fantastic to see Tirzah experiencing God in such a big way too!

  4. I'm reading this again today because it makes my heart so happy! :-)