Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our week.

I got a call from someone at Lifeline on Friday.  I've never spoken to him before but he introduced himself to me and said he was really calling b/c our family has been on the China team's hearts and they pray for us in their staff meetings.  That was pretty special.  He said after leaving the meeting we were still on his mind so he thought he'd call and introduce himself to us.

We talked about the wait and the frustrations of it and I told him that honestly we've been really patient. The 25 day wait for a TA...however...gulp...when we were told the doctor's letter would expedite it...was really a gulp but that we understand we are just sitting on someone's desk in China.  He was taken back by the time and said he would personally guarantee that he would do all he can to make sure this comes asap this week.

Felt like a little smile from Heaven.

We had a great weekend so far.

Which is sometimes hard when you are waiting for Monday. :) We are trying not to let any days slip and really ... I can feel that lump in my throat about leaving our children to go to China and I'm doing my best to savor every day here.

Thursday we were invited to my very very close friend's parents for dinner.  They briefly met our family recently and I guess we made some sort of an impression ;)  My friend and her family were there as well and we had such a fun evening. Our kids were looking forward to this all week.  They had kittens and ducks and that was pretty fun for the kids.

Saturday morning Tirzah wanted to go watch her best friend play soccer near our house. Dean dropped her off to watch with her bff's mom.  :) So cute. I'm telling you I bet she was the best cheer leader ever! Her best friend is also the family that our children are staying with when we go to China.  I love seeing Tirzah develop this reminds me of my childhood friend Beth-Anne and I.  How on Sunday I'd be hoping I'd get invited over after church to play at her house :)  Well the last two Sundays, Tirzah has been invited to her friend's house for lunch ;)

Meanwhile, Dean was at our church helping them renovate the new building.  The other kids and I cleaned like crazies (we hate Saturday cleaning so we think if you do it super fast you get it over with and on to bigger and better stuff ;).  Dean came home, we were all ready to go out, we stopped and picked Tirzah up from the soccer fields and off we went.  We made our first run to the farmer's market. Sad that we've lived her 9 years and it's our first time!  I loved going to the market in New Brunswick with Jocelyn and her friend Mary on crisp Saturday mornings!  My fave was the maple sugar leaf candies.  And anything fried we could find.

This morning we bought 25lbs of apples (for only $14!), some fun loaves of bread including a pumpkin loaf the kids were all excited about, honey candy for the kids and definitely hot mini donuts for us all to share!  We came home and put little Izrael to bed for her nap after lunch.  I then took Zunduka and Zion for a Mama-date. They were so cute and I laughed almost the whole time.  Duka is pretty attached to me, especially lately now that he knows we are leaving soon.  He held my hand almost the whole time and I first stopped in the chocolate store where I had a gift card.  We got chocolate covered gummy bears (a real treat b/c there's no candy allowed in our house...just chocolate...due to dental issues) and chocolate coins.  They each had their own baggie and were pretty much over the moon.  I then tried a few shirts on in a store...yes with my 2 hilarious sons giving their opinions.  Zion would laugh and say how awful the color was and Duka would say how beautiful Mama looked.  :)  And then they would each crack up laughing that the other liked it or didn't.  Zunduka would pick out a pair of shoes for my trip and I'd try to nicely say that they weren't my style and he'd get so silly. By the time we left there they were full of chocolate and definitely done 'shopping'.  We drove thru the McDonald's drive thru for their sole request: a bottle of water.  Too funny. Water it was.

We came home and cooked a feast of chicken wings. Dean and I found a recipe on Pioneer Woman and this was amazing! It took a while but wow. We did parmesan wings for the kids and hot wings with homemade hot sauce for Dean and I. I'm not a wings-girl (or much of a meat girl for that matter)...but they were really good.

We then sliced up the eggplant from our garden.  Quite a funny story. I have the blackest thumb of all and yet we have this massive garden.  I believe in doing 2-3 things all-out...very well instead of half way at many :)  So...gardening doesn't make the list.  And well...what a disaster for the second year in a row.  So...we pulled it all out and left my tiny struggling eggplant plants. Zion came running in the other day to tell me the eggplants were massive. I couldn't believe it! They were!  Hilarious.  So we took the biggest one (which the kids were all excited to see that not one at the market today was as big as ours;)...and made eggplant parm for tomorrow's lunch.

With songs and kisses and lots of prayers we tucked everyone in.  Then Zunduka asked if he could draw in bed instead of reading tonight. I got him his pad and pen and he said "can you remind me how to spell 'love'...I have to write a very very very special letter to you tonight..." ;)

That's a pretty good way to end the night.

Today I was reminded so many times of the peace I feel when I remember that we are taking Izrael and Azlan with us to China.  Such a burden is lifted having made that decision.  Oh...and on Friday, Izrael's passport arrived complete with her Chinese Visa and Azlan's passport ... arrived.  What was that...a week for his passport?  So Monday we will send his off for his visa and then we wait.

We are getting good at waiting.  We seem to be doing that a lot.  Waiting on God.


  1. As they say - all good things come to those who wait. It may be long...but the rewards at the end will more than make up for it.

  2. Hang in there, you are on the homestretch. I remember last year about this time waiting for TA for our first adopted sweetie and that wait was killer, by far the hardest wait of the process and we had some doozies before that.

    I "met" you on the RQ board a couple months ago and you PMed me and sent me your blog, so I have been following.

    We decided to adopt 2 with Lifeline as well. We have been matched with just one right and are praying about the 2nd. So I am carefully following your blog. We plan to bring our adopted son and my teen daughter to help with him.

    Have prayed for you and looking forward to watching your trip to China and homecoming. Don't worry Mama, it will be so very soon.

  3. April~Glad to hear you moved forward with Lifeline! We have loved our journey with them! Yes we've had some doozies too...especially the HS! WOW :) This one is painful. My goodness. I think I heard so many stories of 5-7-10 days that we anticipated even 14-15 but not 25-30!

    Congrats on your referral!! That's so wonderful!

    Thank you for praying...that means so much!