Thursday, October 18, 2012



We received our TA's today.

Day 35.

Who's counting...?

Reading blogs of others that received theirs yesterday at day 7 of know...only God knows. He sure knows how loud we cried out to Him and the needs of our precious children waiting.

We applied for CA (consulate appointment) of Nov 20. That would require us to be IN China by Nov 4.

So exciting.

Then my agency let us know that we need to know who all is going on this tonight.  I felt physically ill.  We do not know.  We have been praying for a clear answer re Azlan.  2 people out-of-the-blue donated for him to come...we thought we had our answer..yet here we are.

We had prayed the $ would be there by the time we had to make this decision and therefore we would know.  However...the $ isn't there for Dean and I to go. So is that really an answer?

How much of a leap of faith...?

Ahh Pray for us.


  1. oh your heart has been put through the wringer!! Praying, Praying, Praying....I get tears thinking of YOU leaving your kids behind, never mind if they were mine! Take Azlan or leave Azlan... hope you get the answer soon :-)

  2. Thank you friend. We have our answer. <3